CRT IN ACTION: Math Is Racist And Right Answers Are Wrong

Critical Race Theory and its media mouthpieces have been in the news cycle a lot lately. Whether it’s for calling Trump supporters “maggots”, or accusing parents concerned about radical school boards of “dog whistle politics” (their favorite covert way of calling you a racist). In our newest installment of “This Can’t Possibly Be Real” or “How Could This Be Allowed To Continue” apparently correct answers to math problems are rooted in white supremacy.

You read that right.

A program called Dismantling Racism In Mathematics is now telling teachers that the expectation of students to do things like show their work, participate, or even be graded at all are rooted in… you guessed it, systemic racism. The program is based on a workbook written for educators entitled ‘A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction’. In typical CRT fashion it hypothesizes that the entire education system only serves the interests of white “colonizer” students and teachers. Even something as black and white (no pun intended) as mathematics is so infected with deep, incurable racism that 2+2=4 is a statement of oppression.

The workbook was created by a political advocacy group called The Education Trust-West. It will surprise no one to learn that it was directly funded through a $1 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. While the workbook is only being used in Georgia, Ohio, California, and Oregon (which is 4 states too many) it is being pushed as part of a nationwide campaign to overtake the education system.

Fortunately, there’s a good amount of pushback. The 74 Million reports: “Erec Smith, a professor of rhetoric and composition at York College of Pennsylvania and co-founder of Free Black Thought, is among those who accuse the book’s authors of their own form of bigotry: “The workbook’s ultimate message is clear: Black kids are bad at math, so why don’t we just excuse them from really learning it,” said Smith, who is Black.

Even leaders of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics have reservations about the guide — though their reasons differ: “Are we building bridges or throwing grenades?” asked David Barnes, associate executive director of the council. “When you get to page two and what’s bolded is ‘dismantling white supremacy,’ there are some people that cannot read past that.”

While no one who has control of their mental faculties should read past that in a workbook allegedly about mathematics, it’s noteworthy that it is garnering pushback even among the people who are normally comfortable with this kind of brainwashing. This could be due to the recent national awakening to (and pushback against) Critical Race Theory. The neo-racist cult drivel which was once relegated to the lonely bookshelves of dingbat sociology department basements is now being mainstreamed. While their push to gain institutional power so as to implement their disastrous social engineering projects might be terrifying, it’s backfiring on them.

Parents and teachers are doing their own research. They’re actually reading the sectarian screeds and using common sense and logic to draw the easy conclusion: These sorts of programs and workbooks are essentially just Marxist-style reeducation pamphlets. On Tuesday, a school board meeting in Loudoun County Virginia turned into a brawl when furious parents confronted the board members about CRT being taught to their children.

Parents delivered blistering speeches to the demagogues before the public comment period was abruptly cut short and police were called. The parents gathered and sang the Star Spangled Banner before being dispersed and ejected by police. Two parents were arrested.

While these images and quotes may be disturbing, it’s a sign that the tide is starting to turn on the Left. They’ve spent a decade escalating their rhetoric and now they have reached a level that no sane or decent person can tolerate. Their own greed, pride, and hateful wickedness will spell their ultimate downfall. It’s only a matter of time before the cult leaders responsible for the babbling of Critical Theory get treated with the same dismissal and derision that is afforded to the likes of Jim Jones and Charles Manson.

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