WATCH THE HORROR: Biden Seems To Have Finally Lost It; Worst Presser Yet

Now, we’re not saying that Joe Biden had a lot going on to begin with. He was never a very intelligent man, he was never a very moral man, and he certainly hasn’t been an honest man in a very long time. However, after today’s press conference it would seem that he can no longer hide the signs of serious mental decline. The 25th Amendment can’t be too far from his heels.

At a press conference today in Wisconsin, Biden stood attempting to gloat about his $2 trillion so-called “infrastructure” package (which has very little to do with any actual infrastructure) and things went off the rails quickly. Sleepy Joe grabbed his own cheek and groaned, “Jooooeeeeeey Baaaaaaaabyyyyyy”. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

According to his handlers (more like attending nurses at this point) it was supposed to be some kind of bizarre joke where he was trying to impersonate a stereotype of an Italian mobster. However, this wasn’t the only time where Joe forgot where he put his brain. When trying to cite a figure he defaulted to his now-standard oration trick of trailing off mid-sentence.

In case you missed it he said, “You know there’s 400,00… well  I won’t get into the numbers I’ll get carried away…“, meaning one of the few things he can seem to remember is that he’s not supposed to talk numbers. It begs the question of how many times before an appearance his aides have to repeat “Joe, don’t mention numbers. If you do pull out quick.”

Of course, there’s the new mainstay of the classic unsettling Biden press conference. No, I’m not talking about sniffing children, although we can forgive you for thinking that might be it. I’m also not referring to the way he likes to grope the shoulders of young female aides and fans like a vampiric Pepe LePew. What I’m talking about is what some are now labeling the “Biden whisper“. If this new behavior from Creepy Uncle Joe sends shivers down your spine we apologize in advance. Check it out:

Biden started normally saying, “People say, ‘well that’s a giveaway.’”, before switching. “Hey guys, I think it’s time to give ordinary people a tax break,” he rasped into the microphone. We’re unsure if this is how a career bureaucrat thinks “ordinary people” are used to being spoken to, but it isn’t polling well with our focus groups. Perhaps for a conceited Democrat who is trying to ram through an expensive and unappealing deal that’s the best he could come up with; a sad attempt at relating to the common man. So much for “blue-collar Joe from Scranton.”

I think we all knew that Biden was going to be a radical and divisive President from the moment he got pushed into office. After all, he was the veep to Obama who was the most unapologetically extremist president since FDR. However, what none of us had ever seen before was the rapid and overt decline of a sitting American president before our very eyes.

It’s one thing to see a man’s hair go white over the course of 4-8 years. It’s quite another to see a man struggle to get through a sentence after 160 days. It’s now only a matter of time now until we’re presented with President Harris, in all of her cackling, forked-tail twirling horror.

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