THE RECORD’S STRAIGHT: Erik Finman Goes On Tim Pool’s Show To Dispel MYTHS About Freedom Phone

Erik Finman is back again, this time on the super popular “Tim Pool IRL” YouTube show to go over in detail all the myths, smears, and hit-pieces that have come out on his free-speech-first smart phone called the “Freedom Phone”.

For those who don’t know, Tim Pool’s show has increased in popularity over the last couple of years because of his no-nonsense style and the fact that he doesn’t represent corporate media interests. He appeared on Joe Rogan’s massively successful podcast to debate with Jack Dorsey (of Twitter) and one of his bloodless handlers. Tim took the gloves off and grilled Dorsey about the silencing and censorship of Conservative pages even though he himself is not a Conservative.

That same energy was kept when discussing the smear campaign on the Freedom Phone. Tim got right into the weeds immediately with Erik asking him about the most common myth about the phone right away.

Tim: “We’ll start with this. Is it a cheap Chinese knockoff of the UmiDigi A9Pro?”

Erik: “Absolutely not. We customized the phone itself that way it was quality. We looked at the supply chain of the phone, of all the parts that come from it, just making sure everything is secure and everything is safe. But no, I mean, it’s not. And then two, in addition to it being a custom phone we did our own custom operating system on it too.

Tim, not wanting to have people crying in the comments or have an article written about how he “soft-balled” questions to Erik clarified:

Tim: “Is it made in China?”

Erik: “Yeah, I mean, that’s the thing, you can’t make phones in the United States, which is terrible. Even Motorola, they put three billion dollars into opening up a factory back in the day for making smart phones.”

Tim: “But didn’t you Tweet that it wasn’t made in mainland China?”

Erik: “Yeah, it’s Hong Kong, it’s made in Hong Kong.”

Tim: “But it’s made by UmiDigi?”

Erik: “So I’ll go through from the beginning of the process. So we actually wanted to create like a block-chain based phone. Which, you know, a little bit of marketing there, but my background is crypto and that was the original thinking. So, me and my design lab which is here in the US, we were like ‘how do we do a phone?’ There was template designs of a phone that we could look at, there were other phones that we wanted to look at and see what can we take from the best of everything.

He continued. “And then, yeah, we ended up putting something together and we tried finding manufacturers in the US to do it but it was literally impossible to find manufacturers in the US. Because of terrible political choices made you just can’t make a phone in the US. Apple, they have hundreds of billions of dollars and they don’t choose to do it, they could probably figure it out with that much money.”

Big Tech and Mainstream Media critics of the phone came out of the woodwork to slander the project. The Daily Beast (the cornerstone of journalism and truth *eye roll*) wrote an entire piece dedicated to slandering the phone as nothing more than a cheap Chinese knockoff that is overpriced. However, the conversation on Tim Pool’s show makes an extremely important point about Big Tech manufacturing in China in general.

Someone else from the show chimed in and noted, “Hey just to clarify, Apple and Google also make their phones in China, right?”

Erik: “Yeah, I mean I feel like that’s the real story. In my opinion, I think that Apple chooses not to make their phones in the United StatesI think there was a former President who asked Apple to actually make phones in the United States cause it would be like a 30 billion dollar endeavor and they chose not to.”

Many more myths were dispelled over the 2 hours of conversation between the Freedom Phone inventor and his proficient interviewer. The critics who would want to dismiss the progress that Conservatives are making in breaking the Big Tech oligarchy should sit down and watch every minute of it. Also, anyone else who has reservations about the Freedom Phone should check it out and feel better knowing that there’s still patriots out there fighting for privacy and competition over our technocrat overlords. Check the whole interaction out here:

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