Australia Shows The World What The WORST Covid Response Looks Like

Twice now we’ve heard news coming out of Australia (which is locked down by force at this time) that the authorities have now attacked their own citizens. Not full grown adults or men who could be considered a threat. Oh no. This tyrannical group of actual fascists have pepper sprayed teenaged girls! It’s been confirmed to have happened once and it’s only considered alleged the second time because you don’t actually see it happen in the video.

The first video depicts a few officers stopping some teenagers in Melbourne. The teen recording it is disturbed by what they are seeing as they cry out that their sisters are being arrested for shopping while mask-less. The child recording clearly understands that something isn’t right as they record passers by without masks and as back-up comes to assist the cops, several of them aren’t wearing masks either.

For a moment things seem calm as the video continues, but then things take a serious turn at about fifty-eight seconds in when someone says “arrest me“. The camera shuffles and seeing is difficult but the child holding the phone begins to cry saying, “look at this,” and you can see the cops and several of the teens scuffling. Then we hear, “you pepper sprayed a twelve year old,” and more crying. The cops tell the youngster recording to step back, but they continue filming all the same showing one of their sisters on the ground.


The second video comes during the aftermath of a protest in Victoria where the police had already utilized pepper spray against their frustrated and angered community. The child comes out of the crowd crying and trying to get the substance out of his eyes. Several people attempt to offer advice, another asks how long it will last, while a few offer to flush the boy’s eyes with some water while he continues to cry that he can’t see. His sign? It said; “Let me play”.

Too often we hear that things are terrible in other countries and we become desensitized. We’re AMERICA. I have heard people all over this country state emphatically that what we see in Europe, Australia, or Asia could never, ever happen here. It’s not possible. The American people would never stand for it.

But let’s be clear. Australia is a country that Europe, the United Kingdom in particular, sent their dregs of society, too. No one really thought they’d be the type to cower and hunker down under fascism and tyranny either. All one has to do is type in lockdowns in Australia and the evidence of abuse by their government is overwhelming.

Australians had police telling them that they weren’t allowed to talk to their neighbors! They had four newborns die because the family weren’t allowed to receive medical care due to inhumane lockdowns. This is a country in transition as Australian citizens try to figure out how to take back control of not just the government but their lives, their rights, and their freedoms!

What’s funny to me is that as you look into the crowd you can see mostly maskless protesters, but there are many who are wearing them. Why? Because even the people who want to wear masks recognize the authoritarian and despicable power grab by their leaders for exactly what it is. Tyranny.

Like my fellow patriots I believe whole heartedly that the citizens of the United States of America would never let this happen. Not on this scale. But I will only be proven right if we start by standing up at the earliest signs of despotism. If you want to wear a mask or get jabbed, good for you. But I will not be told that to appease someone else’ fears I must live my life the way they think I should. Stand up Americans. Speak up to the smallest branches of government and keep climbing.

FIGHT BACK because my favorite meme for COVID states: Quarantine if when we restrict the movements of the sick. Tyranny is when we restrict the movements of the healthy. I shall not be moved. Shall you?

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