Biden and Harris receive bad ratings across multiple polls

Now’s a good time to feel good about polls! Multiple polls across America are trending in a bad direction for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, with their popularity on the continuous down-slide.

Maybe it’s the current inflation rates that are seeing prices for various items go higher than we want, with prices hitting a 13-year high. Or maybe it’s Kamala Harris and her obvious inability to function as a stern border czar who locks it down, because we’re seeing record levels of migrants cut across the border – the biggest border surge in approximately 20 years.

While that’s just the topping of the Biden and Harris cake of failures, there’s plenty of smaller issues causing people to lose trust and see the current White House incumbents as very unpopular.

Joseph Curl of the Daily Wire touched on several polls, providing some in-depth information:

According to running graph by YouGovAmerica, Harris’ unpopularity hit 49%, while her popularity hovers at 45%.

Her numbers top those of Vice President Mike Pence. A Gallup poll from July 2017 showed that Pence’s unfavorability was 41.9%, while his favorability stood at 42.1, according to The Telegraph.

And according to an Economist/YouGov poll, Harris is particularly unpopular with younger voters. Just 36% of those surveyed 18-29 view her “favorably.”

Harris was never popular as a presidential candidate. She wasn’t that popular in her state of California as a district attorney or senator. It’s very unclear and somewhat confusing to ponder why the Democrats and Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris as a VP candidate for anything other than her gender and skin color for the sake of diversity, because they certainly did not pick the most talented person out there. It was like Joe Biden could have picked anyone as his vice president, but the best he could come up with was an untalented Kamala Harris, and her work as VP clearly shows she’s not qualified to lead a country.

Curl continues:

Harris’ poor numbers match those of her boss, President Joe Biden. A recent Rasmussen Reports poll showed at least 52% of likely voters disapprove of Biden’s work in the White House. What’s more, 42% said they “strongly disapprove” of the Biden presidency, while just 26% said they “strongly approve” of his presidency.

Many of the polls on the Biden-Harris team have been drifting downward about rising inflation and a new outbreak of a COVID-19 variant, just weeks after Biden declared the pandemic all but over. In a Morning Consult-Politico poll released last week, 47% of registered voters said they had an unfavorable view of Harris, while 45% had an unfavorable view of Biden.

Imagine being president and only having 26% of poll participants “strongly approve” of your work leading the country. That would embarrass me if I were the president. I would be upset with myself and figure out how to get that number to be much higher.

Joe Biden constantly has verbal blunders and appears to have moments where it seems like he’s just having a mental malfunction. Is Joe Biden mentally fit to be president or should he enjoy retirement with his wife, Jill?

Here’s just one video clip showing Joe Biden fall apart while public speaking. WATCH:

“A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll recently found that just 45 percent of Americans are optimistic about the direction of the country,” The Federalist reported. “The drop is nearly 20 percent lower than the 64 percent optimism polled in May shortly after Biden completed 100 days in office. The same poll indicated that 55 percent of respondents are pessimistic about the direction of the country, which is up 19 points from the 36 percent who reported the same thing in May.”

And a poll by ABC News/Ipsos poll released Sunday morning showed pessimism soaring among Americans. But those findings didn’t appear for long on the liberal network, which devoted only 90 seconds of air time over two days to its own poll.

Pessimistic, obviously. We have protesters in the Olympics, Gonzo in a dress, drag queens in libraries, and Gen Z crowd making up pronouns and can’t figure out their gender. It’s very difficult to be optimistic when everything good is being ruined by the most bizarre things on the planet that we should not ever normalize.

We’re so pessimistic that Kamala Harris was given the job as border czar just a few months ago and she’s failed so bad that people are already demanding she be replaced. WATCH this:

But wait! There’s more!

“Our new ABC News/Ipsos poll out this morning, it shows a significant drop in optimism about the direction of our country over the next year,” co-host Whit Johnson announced on Sunday’s Good Morning America. He added this staggering finding: “Take a look here, only 45% of those polled are optimistic, that’s down 19 points from May, when it was 64%.”

Doesn’t look good at all. How can anyone be optimistic with a White House administration that seems to be failing in all the major things we care about as Americans? Democrat leadership has gone so far left that they may as well be extremists at this point.

It’s very sad to see the direction America is going and hopefully the Democrats are voted out in 2022 and 2024.

We need to bring common sense back to our country and stop with the woke progressive nonsense that is swinging too far left. It’s like we’re ruining the country just so we don’t hurt a few people’s feelings.

The border, inflation, just two big things we need to fix while all the small things get fixed too.

But who’s stepping up to do it, because I just keep seeing politicians be all talk and less action.

We need more Republicans to step up, take charge, and put a huge dent in this thing called liberalism.

Otherwise, we’re pretty much doomed.

Just embrace the giant meteor if the Democrats keep winning.

Just for laughs, here’s a video of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris having a talk on September 1, 2020. The comments are disabled and it has 4.7k dislikes. You know they’re expecting upset people when they turn the comments off. That’s literally the only reason to turn them off, when you know it’s going to be bad.


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