Bidens White House: Conflict, Incompetence, Malfeasance & Dishonesty

It appears that the proverbial “walls of Jericho” have indeed toppled within the White House. Administration officials, military brass, an assorted number of political pundits, analysts, & media outlets who were once friendly to the Biden administration now scrabble to recover their tarnished reputation. Days following the abysmal collapse of Afghanistan the Biden team is still attempting to spin the disaster in their favor. However, they’ve got an uphill battle considering what the world is actually witnessing.

Media outlets that have ignored Bidens deteriorating mental state, his whole family’s corruption, and his career-long incompetence are finally being forced to hold him responsible. One of those was USA Today, who demanded Biden come clean about his conflicting statements regarding Afghan intelligence reports.

In a stinging editorial published on Wednesday the paper demanded; “The Biden administration owes the American public and American allies straight talk under oath about the tragic evacuation from the Taliban takeover,” adding, “Biden offered blame shifting that deserves to be challenged.”

The editorial then began going back in time to July 8th pointing out Biden’s lack of honesty when he acknowledged receiving intelligence reports that indicated Afghanistan would probably collapse but later claimed the intelligence reports were “not true.”

Stating during a press conference, “That is not true. They did not … reach that conclusion.”

The editorial then pointed to a report by the Washington Post that asserts “intelligence community was predicting the fall of the Kabul regime within six months of a U.S. withdrawal.”

Other news outlets like Breitbart News, NBC, CNN, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, all with various political ideologies, however all reported that “Biden received daily INTEL suggesting that Afghanistan’s ability to sustain itself against a Taliban takeover was in doubt.”

So which is it? Did those forecasts occur and, if so, were they communicated to the president?” USA Today questioned.

On Monday, when the president addressed the nation, he stated that the collapse of the country “did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated.” However, on Wednesday the White House when asked by a reporter for NBC News would not confirm or deny if the president, “ever received such a dire forecast from his national security team.”


Lest we forget, Biden has a long sordid history of dishonesty. His run for the presidency back in the 1980’s was cut short due to his overt act of plagiarism and lying about his educational background.

Moreover, his outright dishonesty concerning the shameful withdrawal from Afghanistan seems to be pervasive throughout his administration.

On Wednesday WOKE General Mark Milley, apparently attempting to bolster Bidens assertions said that he didn’t receive any intelligence reports anticipating a potential collapse of the Afghan military stated, “There was nothing that I or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this [Afghan] army and this government in 11 days.”

Milley, perhaps best noted for his bizarre conspiracy theory involving former President Trump and his supporters (along with his apparent self-loathing of being white) attempted to clean up the collateral damage caused by the White House. He attempted to thread the linguistic needle as to when the Afghan U.S.-backed government would fall.

The portly general suggested that it was only a possibility the government would collapse, asserting that it could have been weeks, months, or perhaps even years after America withdrew.

National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan (another Biden foot-soldier) also denied receiving any intelligence report indicating Afghanistan would collapse.

I’m not actually familiar with the intelligence assessments you’re describing. But I also don’t want to get into specific intelligence products. And one thing I will not do from this podium or anywhere else is talk about what a different component of the inner agency did or didn’t do because from my perspective.”

Obviously, the conflicting statements, and equivocations, will not go unanswered. Those questions will no doubt require a congressional investigation, which underscores the importance of the 2022 midterms.

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