CNN’s Don Lemon SNEERS That He Is “Not An Opinion Host”

Have you ever gotten a headache from rolling your eyes too much or too hard? Trust me, by the time you finish reading the audacious and arrogant opinions of this journalist who “gets it right”, you too will know my pain. Sadly, there’s probably an entire host of these types lurking in the lame-stream media. After all, they’ve been around since the days of George W when the great experiment really took flight. You know, the one where the DNC took over all media outlets and pushed the limits of their powers to see what they could get away.

But that’s a different story.

Right now the focus is on Don Lemon’s spurious assertions. If you don’t recognize the name, he’s CNN’s cleaned up version of the humorless and yawn-worthy Trevor Noah from Comedy Central. Both of these men seem to think they are journalists, but really one’s a comedian who couldn’t get a Tickle-Me Elmo doll to laugh and the other one is an Opinionist (I made that word up just like he gets to make up the news). He genuinely believes that he’s better than everyone, even his own viewers! He gets paid to sit on camera and state his opinions as though they are fact and preach his hysterias to millions of viewers daily (though that number is rapidly declining since Trump left office).

But how is a man like Don Lemon who is so clearly more in love with himself and the sound of his own voice than his husband supposed to remain humble with all the attention given to him? Especially when the “most popular” President proclaims him to be “most informed journalist in the country“. My goodness, it’s nauseating just to imagine the way these people view themselves. How are we to believe they care a lick about normal citizens or their viewers when they sit around stroking their own egos all day.

Trending Politics reports:

According to far-left CNN opinion host Don Lemon, Don Lemon is “not an opinion host” because he gets “it right.

The comments from the narcissistic TV host came during an episode of “Don Lemon Tonight,” where the liberal host blasted Fox News viewers, telling them to be more “media literate” because he is a real reporter. The CNN host made the comments while speaking on COVID-19.

It’s easy to sit behind — I don’t mean a camera like me, because I meet people all the time — behind your television, in front of your televisions at home, and you judge people,” he said, because they “don’t have as much information or as much knowledge as you have.”

Lemon whined about Fox viewers and then of course went on a tirade about Trump because what else does CNN have to talk about? They’ll risk censure from the DNC if they call out Biden’s administration for their failures. If they lose the viewership of the sheep that do as the Democratic Socialist Party tell them to, then no one will be watching them at all.

Here’s Greg Gutfeld really tearing into not only Lemon, but CNN as well. The video is a few seconds over fourteen minutes, but he gets his point across on his show Gutfeld! with humor and candor. He even allows that CNN has on rare, and I mean very rare, occasion admitted to spewing FAKE news.

Truth be told, I don’t tune in much to CNN. If I’m going to read satire I prefer The Babylon Bee.

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