Desperate To Escape Afghanistan, Men PLUNGE To Their Deaths From Cargo Plane

Disturbing video has captured the deaths of at least two men who fell from the side of a cargo plane that they were hanging onto in a desperate bid to escape Afghanistan. It’s not easy to watch, nor should it be. These men were so terrified of Taliban rule, so frightened at the prospect of remaining in the country that they took their chances at hanging on to a massive cargo plane to get a chance at freedom. It, unfortunately cost them their lives.

Trending Politics reports:

The jaw dropping footage comes after President Joe Biden refused to listen to his military generals and conducted a full and abrupt withdraw of US troops from Afghanistan. The announcement left the Afghan military defenseless as the Taliban quickly gained control of the country.

The airport is in chaos.

The following video and images are disturbing and view discretion is advised.

The next tweet is of an image of two different men falling from the C-17.

With the Americans running away at Biden’s orders things obviously got out of hand. The men and women that these people thought would protect them were leaving, and quickly. In a bid to continue to malign the United States military forces, the AFP put out yet another disturbing image of soldiers pointing their guns and shouting at men seeming to walk calmly by. What they of course didn’t tell you was that the soldier in the photo is trying to protect the family behind him from unruly, single men at the airport.

Trending Politics continued:

On Sunday, the US took over the airport in Kabul to manage the evacuation effort after the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan. The effort came to a halt however after Afghan citizens started storming the airstrip, trying to flee the country

The US military has suspended air operations at the Kabul airport while troops try to clear the airfield of Afghans who flooded the tarmac, per [CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr]. Biden’s national security advisers have made clear this a.m. they don’t consider the airport secure right now,” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reported on Monday morning.

Incredibly, when many of the press reached out to The White House for commentary on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, they received automated emails that stated they were on vacation! Biden will give a statement in a “few days” another report claimed.

Fox News reports:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is taking a break from her duties at the same time as controversy surrounds the silence of President Joe Biden, who is on vacation while the Taliban quickly seizes control of Afghanistan.

Fox News sent questions to Psaki’s White House email address Sunday morning and received an auto-reply. Hours later, on Sunday evening, Fox News attempted once again to reach the White House spokeswoman. The same auto-reply, stating that the voice of the White House would not be available for the next week, was sent.

The amount of chaos and destruction left behind thanks to Biden’s administration is beyond measure at this moment. Only time will tell how great a mistake was made. We will analyze the information as it comes to light for years as we have Saigon, Benghazi, and other strategic failures implemented by those unworthy of being in power at the time.

Isn’t funny that the left tried so hard to convince us during the 2016 election that President Trump would take us to World War 3, that he would destroy our relations with the world and we’d be doomed to fight countless wars on many different fronts? What’s more despairing about this horrible situation is that if OUR president were still in charge, the entire world  knows it wouldn’t have gone down like this. It wouldn’t have even been attempted by the Taliban.

Come back President Trump, we may not deserve you but we certainly need you now more than ever.

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