DISGRACE: Far-Leftist Rag VICE Calls Marine Corps Members Neo Nazis the SAME DAY 13 Die in Afghanistan

We all know what happens when a company goes “woke”, right? They inevitably go broke (unless propped up with billionaire cash injections). But what happens when your company was built on being “woke” in the first place? Well you probably produce nothing but Neo-Marxist opinions and plaster incendiary headlines all over the internet and call it news. Much in the same way that Cardi B calls what she does “music” or online hookers call it “work”. I’d imagine you also get to say whatever you want with no-fact checking from Facebook informing people that your article is “misleading”, “misinformation”, “partly false”, or outright “false”.

That bring us to VICE “News”. They have to be one of the worst offenders that exists in this putrid arena of pseudo-intellectual political opinion sites staffed by drop-outs from gender-studies programs. They have thrived over the past four years (as most like them did) by blasting out as much hate for President Trump as they possibly could and then beating that dead horse until they were all in a frenzy of mass-TDS-psychosis. Now that the president they overtly backed during the 2020 election is in power (or asleep at the wheel) and being forced to do the things like govern, they are faced with only two options to keep readership and viewership up: Continue spewing vile, reprehensible rage-bait content and bandy it about masked as journalism, or hit the Biden administration with as much self-righteous anger as they did Trump.

Well, based on the headline, I am sure you can guess which path VICE chose. On the day that we lost 13 American service-member lives in Kabul, Afghanistan, this group of Democrat-funded sycophants actually published a hit-piece on the Unites States Marine Corp. Their headline? “Why Are So Many Marines Neo-Nazis?“:

And although it has unfortunately become commonplace to see veterans connected to domestic extremism, two of these men were part of a military branch that has repeatedly popped up when it comes to neo-Nazis: The United States Marine Corps (USMC).

In the latest filing, four men were charged with planning a coordinated, armed assault on a power station somewhere in the U.S. Two of the conspirators, Liam Collins, 21, and Jordan Duncan, 26, are ex-Marines who were formerly stationed at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. According to the new charges, both men “discussed using homemade Thermite” to “burn through and destroy power transformers” and also “stole military gear, including magazines for assault-style rifles.”

As you can imagine, many were disgusted and made their feelings known on the ill-timed, tone-def “thought piece” (as if they have any independent thoughts of their own) meant to stain the honor of so many Marines both living and fallen.

Fox News reports:

Vice News caught heat from Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, after posting a tweet claiming many Marines are Neo-Nazis following an attack on U.S. Marines in Afghanistan.

On Thursday, Vice published an article titled “Why Are So Many Marines Neo-Nazis?” claiming that “anecdotal evidence” suggested that many members of the U.S. Marine Corps held extremist beliefs. The news site later shared the article with a tweet reading “While many vets are being outed as far-right extremists, one branch keeps popping up when it comes to neo-Nazis: the United States Marine Corps.”

This behavior is rather typical of VICE over the last decade. So much so in fact, that they actually link at least one of their own articles as a source to their poorly written, poorly though-out article! They must have learned that from their days in college citing race & gender “studies” in the giant feedback loop known as the social sciences department. They probably think they’ve come up with something clever and unique but really they just put together a bunch of click-bait headlines and tried to make them coherent enough to pass editing. All they really have is Frankenstein’s monster and that baby isn’t rising now matter how much electricity you pump through it.

While the original tweet was deleted, the article is still on their website but with this added note:

Editor’s note: This story was published before the horrific bombing in Kabul that killed 13 US service members and dozens of Afghan civilians. We regret the timing and offer condolences to the victims and their families. Read our full coverage of the unfolding situation in Afghanistan.

No apologies, no remorse. Just “oops, sorry for bad timing“. As if that wasn’t planned out. They’re only sorry that they became the headline.

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