FED UP: San Francisco DA Joins Newsom On Recall List

It appears even liberal San Franciscans have had enough of ultra progressive DA Chesa Boudin’s insane radical policies that reward criminals for actually being “criminals.”

Boudin is facing a second recall attempt from fed up city residents who have seen their community ravaged by drug dealings and street crime, as a result of Boudin refusal to prosecute repeat offenders.

Boudin’s obvious willful disregard for enforcing the law has resulted in SF experiencing more deaths last year from fentanyl overdoses than from COVID-19.

According to a police spokesman appearing on Fox News, Boudin’s progressive policies including reducing bail for repeat offenders along with allowing street thugs to continue openly dealing drugs within city parks and streets, has now begun to spread into middle class neighborhoods and even within the more affluent suburbs.

Last week, the Republican backed recall effort failed by about 1,700 signatures short of the roughly 51,000 signatures needed to trigger a special election to hopefully rid the state of Boudin.

However, a second recall effort is being organized once again, hoping to reach the desired signatures needed.

Boudin brushed off the attempted recall by concerned citizens Monday night, sarcastically proclaiming that reducing jail time for repeat offenders has “angered the billionaire class.”

However, San Francisco Police Officers Association President Tony Montoya told Fox News that Boudin’s radical progressive approach to law and order within the liberal city, is actually hurting average San Franciscans, citing the DA’s “swiftest revolving door in criminal justice” sends the message to offenders that there are no consequences for their actions.

Police are the bad guys, and the bad guys are the good guys in the mind of a progressive,” Montoya said. “Chesa’s good at the blame game. We’re going to call him Mr. Deflector because he’s always pointing the finger left or right and never at the man in the mirror.”

Adding; “The perception out there is that are zero consequences for illegal or bad behavior. They know if they get caught, they’ll be out sooner than it takes the officer to write their police report,” Montoya continued. “Rather than the politicians becoming numb to it, I think they’re in denial. They are flat out in denial that it’s occurring. It’s not secret we have an open air drug market.”

Boudin responded to the recall effort, which gathered nearly 50,000 signatures the first time around, in a city which is perhaps the most progressive in the country equal to perhaps New York.

As San Francisco’s district attorney, I’ve worked tirelessly since day one to follow through on the campaign promises that I made to all of you and to the people of San Francisco that got me elected,” Boudin said. “It’s following up on those kinds of promises we made, holding corporations accountable, holding police accountable, reducing our reliance on incarceration and instead prioritizing diversion, mental health treatment and keeping families together that I’ve been able to follow through on my commitments to those that elected me.”

However San Francisco has seen an upsurge in both petty and violent crimes since Boudin became the cities DA, including a rapid increase in burglaries, shoplifting, and property crimes such as vandalism.

For example the Richmond District, one of the safest neighborhoods in San Francisco saw a 300% rise in burglaries compared to the same time last year.

Meanwhile, overall burglaries in the city are up 62.5% with 1,123 burglaries reported as of Feb. 14th compared to 691 for the same period a year ago.

Local news outlet KRON-4, reported on June 27th, “According to the latest crime data from San Francisco police, the city’s central station has seen an increase of theft from vehicles, from May 2020 compared to May 2021, went up 753%. The area includes Fisherman’s Wharf and Chinatown.”

Boudin is one of a score of far-left DA’s around the country, elected and funded by George Soros money within big progressive cities, with the sole aim of transforming America’s justice system.

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