Is Sturgis A Super Spreader Event? Kristi Noem Says That’s 100% INCORRECT!!!

Yet again Dr. Fauci seeks to take away the God given freedoms our nation upholds. As per usual, he uses the same tired tactics of fear mongering and top-down orders to try to convince true patriots that their lives are in danger; some might call this tactic misinformation. Thank the Lord there is a governor or two still willing to fight back and speak out against Dr.”Farci” and his allies in fear mongering. Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota isn’t standing for his nonsense and neither should we.

The Hill reports:

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R), whose state hosts the annual rally, pushed back on the notion that it was ever a superspreader event to begin with on FOX News.

For a year, they’ve [media outlets] labeled it as a superspreader. That was not true,” she told Fox.

Noem said the rally is a sign of the burgeoning tourist industry and business growth in the state, set against the backdrop of low COVID-19 infection numbers.

Current data from South Dakota’s health department, however, shows cases are increasing in the state, perhaps at a quicker rate than from one year ago. South Dakota recorded 110 new infections on Aug. 12 in 2020, and recently reported a larger 152 cases in its most recent data from Aug. 9 this year.

The corresponding two-week trend shows a gradual incline in new infections, with the state showcasing a 9.8 percent test positivity rate over the past week. Health department officials write that as of data from the week of Aug. 1 to 7, this represents a jump of 73 percent in new cases per day.

Hospitalization remains relatively low. Just 2.7 percent of occupied hospital beds are due to COVID-19 infections, and 1.6 percent of ventilators are used by COVID-19 patients. Local outlets note, however, that this is still an increase, with the number of inpatients doubling in week-over-week data.

In the video above (which goes over more than just Noem’s defense of Sturgis) the South Dakota Governor stands up for her freedom-loving patriotic biker friends from all over the nation. She skewered Dr. Fauci for his obvious bias with his conspicuous omission in calling out former President Barack Obama for his star-studded birthday bash. The party was documented and showed maskless, close-quarters dancing and galavanting deep into the night. She pointed out his complete obtuseness in regards to the border crisis and focusing solely on Republican governors.

While the “good doctor” enjoys picking on the Republicans for their “superspreader” events, notice he was silent on the matter of protests, activism, looting, and rioting all of last summer. No concerts. No movies. No zoos. Those will get you ill, but by all means, please attend ANTIFA riots and BLM looting parties because that “freedom” is far more precious than traveling cross country on your chopper!

Speaking of Sturgis, local news source South Dakota Public Broadcasting reported:

Governor Kristi Noem attended a charity ride and auction at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that raised $149,000 before defending her overall approach to the pandemic and holding the motorcycle rally as the Delta variant spreads across the country.

Noem arrived to Deadwood on horseback Monday to help auction off several items, including a painting of her riding a horse that sold for $55,000 at the Legends Ride Auction.

The governor then swapped her horse for a shiny, blue Indian motorcycle and made her way to the massive Buffalo Chip campground near Sturgis. It was her first time participating in a rally ride.

Kristi Noem has time and time again shown that she isn’t afraid to stand up to the radical Left or their tyranny. She won’t end a rally that has been going on intermittently since 1938. She won’t tell people who are afraid that they can dictate how the unafraid should live. One of the most infuriating things about this entire pandemic is the constant shaming coming from a group of people that demand we all cower in terror. All because they’re not willing to step foot outside and wish to continue hiding in their home offices. At least South Dakota doesn’t seem to wallow in that fear.

MSN New reports:

Noem’s policy regarding COVID has been hands-off, saying she prefers giving her constituents the information to make decisions for themselves.

“I don’t believe that governors have the authority to tell people that they have to shut down their businesses and they have to shelter in place and to pass mandates on,” said Noem. “That should be used for personal responsibility and I’ve told the folks in South Dakota all the time that I will give them all the information that I have to protect their health.

If the Leftists have their way, we’ll look like Australia where they’re locked in their houses waiting for permission to enter a grocery store or take our children to the park. We need more Governor Noem’s to get out there and stand up for our rights to freely associate wherever and however we choose. We need our representatives to make it clear that we don’t care if the Left go out and attend birthday party celebrity bashes or huge concerts! We just want the same rights without all the lectures, shaming, and blaming, and gaslighting! Is that really too much to ask?

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