BIDEN REMORSE: 1/5 of Democrats Are Regretting Their Voting Decisions From The 2020 Election

When Biden was proclaimed the winner of the election, there was anger and disbelief. We still don’t think it happened legitimately, but at the moment there isn’t much more that we can do until 2022, except to turn up and vote. Hopefully everyone with Biden remorse will also turn up to vote for men and women brave enough to actually represent their constituents and impeach this delusional fool before he gets anymore Americans killed or impoverished.

According to a recent poll by Zogby about 20% of those who voted Sleepy Joe are not pleased and regret putting him in office. The Daily Wire reports:

As Zogby Poll noted, some “very important groups” which “normally lean left and Democrat” were “even more regretful about voting for the president in 2020.”

Among younger voters aged 18 to 29 years old who were surveyed, 27% regretted voting for Joe Biden. 67% did not regret their vote, while 6% were not sure. For voters aged between 30 and 49 years old, 30% regretted their vote for Biden, compared to 67% who did not and 4% who were not sure.

Older Democrat voters who are more set in their ways and likely as deranged as their president are happier, with 91% thrilled with Biden being in office. Gee, Leftists, are you sure you want this virus to take out those that are 50 years and older?

What is amazing is how many young people are regretting their decision. Gee, did someone realize that after four years of touting how evil all straight white men are, that you voted for one? If these people are confused about which bathroom to go into, imagine their terror at realizing that they did the exact opposite of what they’d intended.

Many people do urge caution to both sides of the aisle with this report, though. While we would love to say that this is the final nail in the proverbial coffin for Biden’s career, we’ve been wrong before. We’ve been mislead before, too. That Jill Biden allowed her husband to run knowing full well he was not fit for it is as bad as Jake Busy letting his father Gary Busy make a mockery of himself and his career.

The Daily Wire continued:

Pollster Jonathan Zobby explained that this level of regret among voters will be a point of concern for Biden in 2024, given that both the 2016 and 2020 elections were effectively decided by “tens of thousands of votes” in just a “handful of battleground states.”

“Even though Joe Biden has suffered humiliating defeats in recent weeks, he still has time to recover. One still gets the sense his ship is sinking fast, and he might not have any lifeboats aboard to save him. Biden’s low approval numbers, the botched withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, and inflation eating away the purchasing power of Americans are the president’s biggest problems now,” said Zogby.

“Come next poll, many more voters might be expressing regret if Biden and company do not score a victory soon,” Zogby added.

The point is, there’s still plenty of time for Biden to get back on track with his party. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to become complacent by any means. If Biden, for instance, were to get some wins by trying to pack the court or refocusing everyone’s attention from Afghanistan to say his attempt to fight back against infanticide, he could gain approval again.

Let’s hope that the GOP doesn’t fail us and that Trump can deliver us from this nightmare presidency.

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