UNENDING DEBT: Party Feud Likely As Biden Demands Additional $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill

Old Sleepy Joe is desperate for a win and this month he has pledged to focus on COVID and getting a bill passed that will cost $3.5 trillion dollars to “keep up historic momentum”. The spending bill would allow Democrats to blow exorbitant amounts of cash on all their pet projects like climate change, abortions, and dozens of entitlement programs that cannot possibly be sustained.

Fox News reports:

“The second thing that has to happen in September is for the Congress, the House and Senate, to finish passing my economic agenda so that we can keep up the historic momentum we’ve been building,” Biden said.

“It’s about investing in America’s future. Not about short-term stimulus. That’s not what we’re talking about. These are long-term prosperity we’re talking about,” Biden said. “Creating millions of good paying jobs for hardworking Americans. It’s about reducing bottlenecks in our economy, about reducing long-term price pressures.

Biden added: “We’re going to create millions of good paying jobs. We’re going to ease inflationary pressure.”

But, not all of the Democrats have lost their minds. “Moderate” Democrats such as West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin have stated under no uncertain terms that they do not approve of the ludicrous bill, nor will they support it. He is joined by Arizona’s Senator Krysten Sinema, and New Jersey Representative Josh Gottheimer.

This may cause a lot of friction in the Democrat Party as communists, I mean “progressives” like Bernie Sanders, AOC, and Ayanna Pressley have made several jabs toward Manchin and other moderates already.

Fox News continues:

It’s not clear how Democratic congressional leaders will balance the demands of Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., for a smaller reconciliation bill with promises from party progressives to torpedo the infrastructure bill if they don’t get what they want in reconciliation.

And if the price tag on the reconciliation bill is lowered, it’s notably not clear that all progressives like Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., will vote for it. He says $3.5 trillion is his floor and that he would rather $5 trillion. And leaders like Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., will have to navigate all of this amid sniping in their caucus.

“I wish that I could hit your mute button but here we are,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., said Thursday about Manchin’s call to hit the “pause” button on reconciliation in the Journal.

This has been stated multiple times, however it remains true. Biden needs this to appear as if he is winning. He needs the Democrats to appear as if they get along and he needs it to happen fast. If he doesn’t, his presidency is in a lot of trouble. He’s already taken a hit in the polls as inflation, COVID, and his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan remain in the news. (Look for at least one of those things to slowly fade out of view in left-wing publications.)

But the irony here is that putting more money into the economy would make inflation worse. Joe Manchin and those on the left that support him are more than aware of how terrible this amount of spending will be for the economy.

CNBC reports:

Manchin went a step further Thursday in calling for a “strategic pause” in moving forward with the plan. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, the senator cited concerns about inflation and debt.

“I, for one, won’t support a $3.5 trillion bill, or anywhere near that level of additional spending, without greater clarity about why Congress chooses to ignore the serious effects inflation and debt have on existing government programs,” Manchin wrote.

The senator did not rule out voting for a smaller bill. He ended the piece noting that “by placing a strategic pause on this budgetary proposal, by significantly reducing the size of any possible reconciliation bill to only what America can afford and needs to spend, we can and will build a better and stronger nation for all our families.”

All that is certain is this, if Manchin, Sinema, or any other Democrats lose their nerve and vote for this disaster of a bill, the American people are going to be in for far worse times. Especially if these tyrannical dictators panic over the next COVID variant and try to lock our nation down again.

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