PARTY OF BIAS: Mainstream Media Ignores Racist Attack On Black Conservative Larry Elder

If you think that the Democrats really care about racial equality I have some beachfront property in Wyoming to sell you. Conservatives are fully aware that there is no more racist a party in the USA than that of the Democratic party. There are hundreds of stories proving this including the political hit jobs against Clarence Thomas, Burgess Owens, Hershel Walker, David Clark, Allen West, and the list goes on and on. Those are just the political figures, we’re not even counting entertainers.

These stories may not sound familiar to you because the lame-stream media did all they could censor it. They can’t keep Democrats in power if their employers are seen as the racist, hateful, provocateurs that they are. It doesn’t help their cause to point out the hundreds, (if not thousands) of times that Democrats and Leftists have verbally and physically attacked black men and women for refusing to be a part of their Orwellian group think.

So when Larry Elder, the Republican running against far-Left Gov. Gavin Newsom in the recall election for California was attacked by a pink-haired, egg-wielding maniac in a gorilla mask, the media was silent. Newsom has also ignored the situation altogether. He appears to hope the entire incident will go away if he just pretends it didn’t happen.

Fox News reports:

Embattled California Gov. Gavin Newsom is silent on the “racist” attack against Republican challenger Larry Elder as the highly contentious recall race continues its final stretch. Newsom, a Democrat, did not respond to Fox News’ question on whether he would condemn the attack. The progressive governor has also been silent online, not even mentioning the attack on any of his social media channels.

Elder, who is Black, was attacked by a woman wearing a gorilla mask with pink hair, who threw an egg at the Republican frontrunner as he was touring a homeless encampment in Venice Beach — a serious issue facing the Golden State.

The conservative radio host also said after the attack that his security detail was “shot with a pellet gun,” vowing the “intolerant left” will not stop his campaign. The attack was condemned as “racist” online, with many conservatives pointing out that the assault would be front-page news if it was a Democrat on the receiving end of the egg attack.

Obviously, the silence irritated many. Here are just a couple of tweets…

None of the tweeters are wrong. Had this happened to any Democrat (they wouldn’t even have to be black) this story would be a “breaking news alert” plastered across every news station in the country and possibly internationally. Every publication would show the weirdo on her bicycle lobbing the egg at the Democrat and there would be questions like “Is this what the GOP considers unbiased” or maybe “Deranged White Supremacist tries to kill politician fighting for Justice“. Conservative political figures would be under verbal fire and lumped in with white nationalists and white supremacists. There would be nothing to stop the entire Leftist party and their constituents from calling their opposition racists, bigots, monsters, and every other insult they could think of.

But it was just a Republican, so naturally we won’t see any of that outrage. Instead we see tacit complicity and quiet approval.

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