WATCH: Newt Gingrich Reveals Why Glenn Younkin Will Defeat Terry McAuliffe In Virginia Governor Race

On Sunday, Newt Gingrich told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo why he believes Republican Glenn Youngkin will defeat far-left Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s governor election.

“Well, if Youngkin wins, which I think he will, [it’s because he’s] “talking about real life. He’s talking about jobs, he’s talking about children, he’s talking about safety, he’s talking about schools,” Gingrich said.

“McAuliffe’s commercials are very political. Glenn Youngkin’s talking about real life … and I think it partially explains why McAuliffe is losing,” Gingrich added. “He’s lost in a world of fantasy that really matters to the left-wing Democrats but really doesn’t matter to the average Virginian.”

“No matter how blue you are as a Democrat, [it’s] the green you’re paying at the gas station – I filled up my truck yesterday, and it was $79,” Gingrich continued.

Take a look at his full remarks below:

“I think that McAuliffe had the disadvantage of reality coming out. So after he makes his really bad comment that parents shouldn’t be involved in education, you suddenly have the Loudoun County school board turns out to be liars, turns out that they knew about the rape of the young girl in the girls’ room by a guy in a dress. They transferred the guy to another school where he then assaulted another girl, and they have internal messages that have now become public where they clearly knew all this while they lied to the public and they lied to the parents about it,” Gingrich also said.

“All of that undermines McAuliffe. And you saw the poll numbers shift very dramatically as … the violence in the schools became bigger, McAuliffe went down,” he concluded.

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