BREAKING: Fauci Says “We’re Not Going To Eradicate Covid” Despite Biden Saying He Would

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During the 2020 campaign, Joe Biden promised America that he would “crush the virus”. He ran on the premise that Trump had “failed” and that he was the one for the job.

Well, not only has he not crushed covid, but we’ve had more deaths in 2021 *with* a vaccine than we did in all of 2020 *without* a vaccine.

Now, Fauci is flat out admitting that he and Biden are incapable of eradicating covid (even though they promised to!)

During an appearance on the left-wing propaganda show “Meet The Press”, Fauci said we “certainly” aren’t going to get rid of covid.

“Is it pretty clear this is now an endemic? How does this end any other way?,” asked MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

“We certainly are not going to eradicate it,” Fauci began.

“Elimination means – I don’t think we’re going to be there with this. What I do think we’ll be able to do is get a level of control that’s low enough that doesn’t interfere with our function. It doesn’t have a major impact on society and what we do,” he explained.

Watch below:

It’s not going to go away. The lower we get it, the better off we’ll be. You get it that low when you get the overwhelming majority of the population vaccinated and boosted. Like I’ve said multiple times, chuck, it’s within our own grasp of how we’ll be able to live with the virus. The lower we get i, the lower the risk to everyone, including vaccinated people,” Fauci concluded.

During a different interview on Sunday morning, Fauci left the door open for new lockdowns.

“Should we expect to be seeing more lockdowns again, new lockdowns, more mandates?,” George Stephanopoulos asked.

“I don’t know, George,” Fauci began. “It’s really too early to say. We just really need to, as I said so often, prepare for the worst. It may not be we’ll have to go the route people are saying. We don’t know a lot about this virus. So we want to prepare as best we can, but it may turn out this preparation, although important, may not necessarily push us to the next level.”


“People talking about lockdowns, people talking about that, let’s see what the information we’re getting in real time tells us,” Fauci continued.

“We’ll make decisions based on the science and the evidence the way we always do. But you want to be prepared to do anything and everything. That’s the reason why we’re paying such close attention to this and why we’re all over it.”

Brace for impact, America.

This story syndicated with permission from Clayton Keirns – Trending Politics

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