“Do You Think They Understand…” Biden Asks of Americans

On November 6th, 2021, Joe Biden went ahead and opened his mouth for the sake of some questions. It wasn’t open very long before he promptly reached down, grabbed hold of his loafered foot and proceeded to shove it straight into his mouth. The moment took place during a press conference on Saturday where he was asked several questions about the supply chain crisis America is currently suffering through.

It all began when a reporter asked Biden about a comment made by Representative Abigail Spanberger, a Democrat from Virginia. The comment referenced was “Nobody elected him to be FDR, they elected him to be normal and stop the chaos.” 

As Joe Biden began to speak about the American people being “put through the ringer” he started to veer off into a hypothetical scenario in which he seemed to imply that we the people don’t know what’s going on around us. As if we haven’t noticed the empty retail shelves all over the country. Must be all that horse dewormer.


“We’ve never faced anything like this,” Biden continued. “You can understand why people are upset. Whether you have a PhD or you’re working in a restaurant, it’s confusing and so people are understandably worried.”

As if that wasn’t enough, as though he needed yet another opportunity to insult and mock the citizens (most of whom voted for him), the president laid down another few barbs when he said he would need to try to “explain to the American people” supply chain issues and that the reporters who “write for a living”  had yet to “explain supply chain very well” as far as he knew.

Several took great offense to the tone and wording of the president and made their own thoughts on the situation known.

The Treehouse of Liberty Podcast got down and dirty calling on President Biden to resign.

Another user brought up an excellent point about the hypocrisy of legacy media allowing Biden to slide with the perceived insults. Truly, one only needs to imagine what the headlines would have been had Trump implied anything near what Biden did during the press conference.

Another Tweeter called Biden’s inability to understand supply chain with a common sense approach and reminder that our stuff is here, it’s just not being delivered.

The struggle Americans are facing has been going on since COVID-19 forced closures and shutdown back 18 or so months ago when we were all told “2 weeks to flatten the curve”.  Forbes did a piece just this past September talking about how builders weren’t able to get their hands on the lumber needed for construction.

Ironically, Forbes writer Jennifer Castsenson doesn’t mention the pandemic more than once in the article. She makes only one example, the lack of lumber needed during the pandemic. She doesn’t talk about the extreme highs that were taking placing during Trump’s presidency or why it felt like such a cliff-dive when everything went from great to catastrophic.

The shipping costs for containers from China to the east coast of the US have climbed more than 500% from one year ago according to freight-tracking firm Freightos. Yet, nowhere is there room in the home building process to pass along an increase of 500%.”

One year ago we had Donald J. Trump as POTUS. Perhaps that’s one of the biggest issues we’re facing at the moment.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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