LOL: Don Lemon Gets Mega Triggered; ‘The Judge Is Treating Rittenhouse Like His Grandson’

On Friday, far-left radical Don Lemon claimed that Judge Bruce Schroeder is “treating Kyle Rittenhouse as if he’s his grandson.”

Obviously, the left is starting to panic, knowing that not only will Rittenhouse likely be acquitted, but these left-wing outlets will be facing hefty defamation lawsuits for slandering him as a “murderer” for the last year.

As Lemon spoke with co-hosts Brianna Keilar and John Berman, he melted down over the Judge’s behavior.

“If that is the behavior that is happening in courtrooms every day, then Houston we have a problem, Kenosha we have a problem, America we have a problem,” Lemon said.

“His behavior is, at the very least, unusual, and concerning. Most of the people I’ve seen on television who analyze, who does some analysis of courtrooms, seems to think that there is a bias towards the defense,” he added.

“Usually this judge is very pro-prosecution, and now he’s, sort of, seems to be very pro-defense. He’s treating Kyle Rittenhouse as if he’s his grandson.”


Don Lemon isn’t the only CNN radical who is melting down over the Rittenhouse trial.

During a panel discussion yesterday, Bakari Sellers accused Kyle Rittenhouse of murder, opening the huge possibility of a lawsuit if Rittenhouse is found innocent.

“Well, I mean, I see a growing just love or admiration for Rittenhouse, particularly on the far right,” Sellers began. “You see J.D. Vance, who is a candidate for the Ohio United States Senate seat, just envelop him and hold him out to be some type of hero. For many of us, though, and maybe I need to talk to my therapist about it, there is a certain level of resentment, I believe. I think it’s a very human nature type of resentment,” he added before getting super racial.

“Because when we see him, we see Trayvon Martin who didn’t get the benefit or grace of his youth. We see Tamir Rice, who didn’t get benefit or grace of his youth. And even more probably on point is Kalief Browder, who was in Rikers Island and who committed suicide after being in solitary confinement for stealing a book bag. And these individuals, none of them, who look like me, did not get the benefit or grace of their youth, and people are treating Kyle Rittenhouse as some youthful individual who made a youthful mistake,” Sellers continued.

He then openly accused Kyle Rittenhouse of murder even though the evidence strongly suggests the contrary.

“Instead, he committed a murder, or two murders, and attempted to murder someone else. Whether or not they find him guilty of those crimes or not is up to the jury, I don’t think they will, but there are definitely two Americas and two criminal justice systems in this country. And that’s where my resentment comes from,” he said.

Watch below:

This is an easy case of defamation, and Rittenhouse should serve Sellers with a lawsuit the second he steps out of jail.

In case you missed it, Megyn Kelly did an excellent job of breaking down this entire case in her new 16 minute video.



I predict that Rittenhouse will never have to work another day in his life after he cashes the checks for all of these lawsuits in the future.

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