WATCH: Geraldo Rivera Suggests It Could Be A Crime For Unvaccinated People To Sneeze Around Children

If you have not yet been inoculated with the Covid 19 vaccine, Geraldo Rivera thinks it’s a crime for you to sneeze around children. Yes, really.

During a discussion about vaccines on Tuesday night with Sean Hannity and Dan Bongino, Rivera basically said that the unvaccinated are walking criminals in certain circumstances.

Opening the discussion, Hannity spoke to the politicization of the vaccine and how certain groups of people are standing up to the mandates.

“Everybody has made up their mind. I don’t think you are going to convince many people on that issue,” Hannity began. “You see military, nurses, cops, firemen, first responders, they are willing to leave their jobs, abandon their salary, benefits and pensions because of what they believe in. The question to me is, why, if we are going to follow science and we want to be safe, why is there no attempt at all to accommodate, especially nurses that were diving on Covid grenades every day, those people that might have natural immunity, a rare medical condition or a different point of view, why can’t we accommodate them and keep the workplace safe and give the option of being tested? Why have we given up all medical privacy, freedom and doctor-patient confidentiality in this country, Geraldo? That’s a high price”, Hannity added.

Geraldo tried to dodge the question, saying, “You know, Sean, Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley, one of my favorite couples, he’s a terrific football players, he’s a great personality, M.V.P., but He may have cost his team the Super Bowl last Sunday against Kansas City Chiefs. They lost, the Green Bay Packers lost 13-7 because he could not play because he was positive and had lied to his teammates, lied to the city of Green Bay, lied to the people of this country about his status. And Sean, I think that just because he’s popular — and I don’t want to join any mobs,”

“But, Geraldo, Geraldo, you’re not answering my question, though. This is important,” Hannity cut in. “Are we now giving up all medical privacy, all doctor-patient confidentiality and all freedom? Whether you agree or disagree,” he pressed.

“I think that you cannot have a right of privacy that I’m in your room with my grandchildren, who are not vaccinated because they are too young, and you lied about your vaccine status and you sneeze on my grandchildren. You know, that could be a crime,” Geraldo said.

Watch below:

“That is absolutely so selfish and self-involved. And I look at Aaron Rodgers and he’s so charming, and again, I say I’m a big fan of his, he’s a very, very agreeable, charismatic person, and he married a great actress and I wish them all the best,” Geraldo continued. “What he did, though, was a terrible mistake. And his apology was a bunch of baloney. ‘I regret if you think this way or that way.’ He didn’t say, ‘I’m sorry.’ He didn’t say, ‘I lied.’” he concluded.

Since Geraldo Rivera sees some unvaccinated people as criminals, he will love Biden’s new plan for Americans to “snitch” on their unvaccinated neighbors and co-workers.

According to CBS News, “the government will rely upon a corps of informers to identify violations of the order” because they don’t have the resources to monitor 84 million employees.

They continue:

“What’s not known is just how many employees will be willing to accept some risk to themselves — or their job security — for blowing the whistle on their own employers. Without them, though, experts say the government would find it harder to achieve its goal of requiring tens of millions of workers at large businesses to be fully vaccinated by January 4 or be tested weekly and wear a mask on the job,”

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