WATCH: Jason Whitlock Goes Off; ‘Kyle Rittenhouse Did What Grown Men Failed To Do’

On Tuesday evening, Jason Whitlock made an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight where he discussed the Kyle Rittenhouse trial that has taken so much of the political world by storm.

“Our friend Jason Whitlock has just written a new piece on this trial, he joins us tonight to assess. Jason Whitlock, thanks so much for coming on. You have followed this from the beginning, what do you make of it so far?,” the Fox News host asked Whitlock.

“Tucker, cowardice and fear rolls downhill just like human waste,” he began. “And now we have, I believe, 18 jurors in the crosshair because men have failed and the society has failed to uphold the rule of law. We now have thugs in control of our society, and so when the prosecutors don’t do their job, when the media doesn’t do its job, when politicians don’t do their jobs, 18 ordinary citizens are now in the crosshairs. This is a sham prosecution. I don’t believe the prosecution team even believes in its case,” he continued.

“I don’t believe they’re even trying to put on a great case, they are just trying to protect themselves and point the finger at if you don’t like the verdict, it’s those 18 ordinary American citizens. Focus your animosity on them. We prosecuted this child for murder even though we knew there was no chance of getting the conviction, you guys go deal with the jury, you threaten, harass, doxx them, go to their house. Fear and cowardice is rolling downhill and stomping on the heads of regular American citizens. To sit here and to listen to these MSNBC analysts who sat around all of 2020, you go ahead and riot and loot, you go ahead and do whatever, you’re justified in all that rioting and looting, and then be surprised that a 17-year-old would get out over his skis, overstep what he should be doing, look at all this chaos, look at grown men fail to be men and lead this country in a proper direction, so a 17-year-old kid picks up a gun and says I’m going to get involved. It’s not Kyle Rittenhouse’s fault, it’s our fault, the adults,” Whitlock added.

Watch the full exchange below:

“We are not leading this country in a proper way. We have allowed chaos and anarchy to take over. We have allowed the thugs to run our society, and then all the elected people, the politicians that are making money, the millionaire sitting on TV, tsk-tsking. They are all sitting back and 18 jurors have a grenade in their lap. If they come back with the verdict that should come back here not guilty, they are in the crosshairs, they are in jeopardy. Joy Reid, Morning Joe, they’re all going to sit back in their gated communities, millions of dollars, and talk about it and oh, my God, isn’t this sad. They’re all going to be safe. Those 18 jurors, good luck to you guys,” he concluded.

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