“WE NEED TO TAKE THEM TO COURT”; Rand Paul Says Americans Need To Resist Unconstitutional Mandates

On Thursday, Fox News’ Sandra Smith brought up the topic of jab mandates while speaking to Rand Paul, and the Kentucky Senator wasn’t shy about sharing his thoughts about what Americans should do.

“I want to move on to these vaccine mandates for businesses. The feds are now setting a January 4th deadline. If you don’t meet that deadline and your employees do not get vaccinated, you will have to provide testing once a week and then you will be fined a penalty of nearly $14,000….Your reaction to the mandates?,” she asked.

“I think they’re unlawful and unconstitutional,” Paul responded. “We need to take them to court. People need to stand up and resist. What a disservice to our first responders, our doctors and our nurses who took care of people during this time. They had to show up for work when there was no vaccine, a lot of them got Covid, survived,” he continued.

“They now have natural immunity, and Dr. Fauci and the rest of the people say, ‘Sorry, you’re yesterday’s trash, we’re just going to throw you away and you’ll no longer have a job.’ It’s the opposite of the respect we ought to be giving to those who are our first responders, our doctors and nurses,’ he added.


“But if they stand up and resist, who’s got their back?,” Smith asked.

”That’s a problem. It’s tough. You know, the hope would be there would be some alternatives, different health care clinics that would stand up for those who have natural immunity and those who want to have freedom of choice. We’ll see, it’s a difficult decision if your job hangs in the balance. I don’t wish this on anybody, everybody has to make their choice, but at the very least we should stand up and sue legally and see if we can get the Supreme Court to say this is not America and this is not the American way,” Paul responded.

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