88% of Blacks in Maryland Support Refunding the Police

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Far-left politicians and pundits might want to defund the police. Average Americans, however, the ones that have to deal with the resulting crime and anarchy, don’t.

Most recently, that was shown in Maryland, where a poll found that 88% of Marylanders support the Republican Governor’s plan to “re-fund the police.”

Here’s what the Washington Free Beacon, which had inside access to internal polling that found that sky-high support for re-funding the police, reported:

According to internal polling obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, 88 percent of black voters support Maryland governor Larry Hogan’s (R.) effort to “re-fund the police”

[…]The poll, which was provided by an outside group aligned with Hogan, shows that 64 percent of likely black voters in the state “strongly support” the governor’s proposal to “provide greatly increased funding to state and local police agencies,” while 24 percent “somewhat support” the policy. Hogan’s initiative enjoys similar support across racial lines—89 and 74 percent of white and Hispanic voters support it, respectively.

So, the governor’s plan is wildly popular with everyone in Maryland, despite the claims of Democrats that his plan to re-fund the police to the tune of $150 million is “divisive,” “misguided,” and politicized public safety.

For example, the Washington Free Beacon reports that state house speaker Adrienne Jones (D.) denigrated the governor’s highly popular plan, saying:

The governor’s misguided rhetoric of ‘re-fund the police’ is beneath him and the dignity of his office

But while she and her colleagues might be against the bill for ideological reasons, the people who count, average Marylanders, are united in their support of properly funding the police. Governor Hogan’s claim that “Enough is enough. We cannot defund the police. We need to refund the police.” appears to be the view that his constituents agree with.

That’s probably because Baltimore is currently lawless and residents are forced to suffer high crime rates and all the suffering wrought by massive increase in crime that has taken place over the past few years. As Governor Hogan said, defending his plan:

People are being shot nearly every single day [in Baltimore] and we all have an obligation to do something about it right now. I want those families and all of the victims of this violence to know that we will not stop pursuing those criminals who are terrorizing our community.

And, as ZeroHedge reports, this is hardly something unique to Maryland. Across the country, Americans support properly funding the police and only a small number of leftists, normally white elites, are supportive of calls to defund the police. Here’s what ZeroHedge said:

The defund movement may be popular with some wealthy (white) elites, activists on the extreme left. Still, there’s the silent majority of black folks who oppose defunding the police, according to a recent Harvard’s Center for American Political Studies and Harris Poll

Most of all, Americans want police, prosecutors, and judges to uphold the law because the law is the law, which makes a society civil. Progressive cities that attempt to dismantle or undermine the law and policing cause more harm than good with surging violent crime to show forth. 

This past summer, in Oakland, California, black families stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the police against Antifa’s “defund the police” chaos. 

Ordinary people across America, no matter their race, desire law-and-order, and with that comes prosperity.

The radical left might want to defund the police. Average Americans, however, want the exact opposite. Even if angry about certain abuses of police power, they’d rather have safe and stable communities than ones wracked by high levels of crime.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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