Almost 50,000 Active-Duty Servicemen aren’t Vaxxed Despite Biden’s Demands

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A recurrent issue for those that have instituted vaccine mandates is that those they require to take the Covid vaccine refuse to do so.

New York, for example, has seen problems with its fire, police, and sanitation departments, as many of those ordered to take the Covid vaccine have refused.

The military is yet another example of a vaccine mandate causing massive issues. President Biden, in all his wisdom, decided to mandate that every American serviceman take the jab, with the various deadlines for all the services having, at this point, passed.

Almost 19,000 Marines and sailors required to take the jab have refused, setting up a confrontation over whether Biden and the brass will back down or if a military already strapped for manpower will push out tens of thousands of much-needed personnel.

A backdown looks unlikely, with the Washington Post reporting that senior military officers are vowing to expel those that don’t take the mandated vaccine.

Just the News adds that while some of the ~20,000 figure is coming as a surprise to the Department of the Navy, reporting that:

That 5% of Marines are unvaccinated had been anticipated. But the Navy had a larger pool of unvaccinated sailors than had been projected. The Navy, in announcing its final tally this week, said officials had uncovered last-minute “discrepancies” with a data-tracking system.

As recently as last week, official data showed 99.8% of sailors had at least one shot by Sunday’s deadline. The accurate number is just over 97%, The Post also reports.

And it’s not just the Navy and Marines that are struggling with the vaccine issue. The Army and Air Force are too.

Stars and Stripes, the military newspaper, reports thatmore than 97% of active-duty airmen and Space Force guardians are at least partially vaccinated against the coronavirus, though nearly 9,000 remain unvaccinated a month after the Air Force’s deadline to get the shots, the service reported Friday.”

Similarly, the Army faces losing about 19,000 soldiers. Just the News reports that “Army data shows 4% of its active force, about 19,000 soldiers, have not received any vaccine dose, with a compliance deadline of Dec. 15.

And that’s just the numbers for the active-duty military. The reserves and national guard forces are seeing far, far lower compliance. The Daily Mail, for example, reported thatthe Reserve and National Guard are 55 and 52 per cent vaccinated.” Even threats from the Army brass that those who refuse to take the 2nd dose can’t reenlist or be promoted haven’t helped increase compliance.

That means that if the brass holds true to its threat, not only will the services lose nearly 50,000 active-duty personnel (~20,000 Marines and Navy, ~9,000 Air Force, and ~19,000 Army), but they’ll also lose nearly half of their reserves and states will lose a major portion of their National Guard forces, forces that not only assist the active-duty military but respond to natural disasters.

However, it should be noted that the Air Force Reserve has a higher compliance rate (~94%), than the Army, so it won’t face as large as a problem.

And while some of those that remain unvaccinated might be able to stay if their religious exemption requests are approved, it is likely that many exemptions will be denied and those who are unvaccinated will be forced out.

So, a manpower-strapped military will lose tens of thousands of much-needed troops thanks to Brandon’s mandate at a time when tensions with China and Russia are rising dramatically. Thanks, Joe!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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