AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Wants Refunds for Students Forced to Learn CRT

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As the visibility of the evil ideology that is Critical Race Theory has increased, so has pushback against it, especially from parents.

Whether those parents are frustrated voters in Virginia voting red for the first time in years in a desperate attempt to force CRT out of schools, angry parents showing up at school board meetings to protest and show their displeasure, or furious, loving parents that pull their kids out of the indoctrination centers that are government schools to keep them away from CRT, what’s clear is that average Americans are done with CRT.

The elite, however, is not, and continues to force the cultural marxism that is CRT on anyone and everyone it can, especially students. Even the furious cries of angry parents and canceled donations of would be donors aren’t enough to get leftist professors to stop pushing CRT on their pupils.

Such a situation is one crying out for government intervention and, in Arizona, it looks like the government might finally step in to “slow the spread” of CRT.

There, gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is pushing for a plan that would hold schools accountable for the trash that they teach. If passed, it would allow parents to file complaints with K-12 schools for teaching CRT and give college students the right to sue state universities for the same.

Just the News reports that, while discussing the legislation and CRT on John Solomon’s podcast, Ms. Lake said “They shouldn’t be teaching this garbage, where we’re teaching our kids to hate our country. We need to have real American history.”

To fix that, she suggested adding cameras in classrooms so that teachers could be watched and schools should ensure that they’re not secretly pushing CRT and woke ideology on young students. That idea, which she has discussed elsewhere, raised numerous objections from both left and right.

She then added that:

“I’m just a mom with — I have school-aged kids, still — I want to know that all that work they put in, you know, K-12, they get out of high school and they’re ready for the world, are ready to take their education to the next level, not being indoctrinated K-12 to go on to be further indoctrinated in university. And then whatever wasn’t taken care of in their indoctrination at university, the media goes on to continue the indoctrination.”

And finally, while saying that college students should be able to sue state universities for making them learn the inane, insipid garbage that is CRT, Lake said:

This is just woke curriculum that did nothing to advance my education and my knowledge. If you could then go back to the university and make a case, to sue to get your tuition back for those classes, I think they would sit up straight and take notice and say, ‘Wow, we need to start putting our kids in classes that actually help them — advance them toward the real world and success.”

It is unclear if any of Ms. Lake’s proposals would make it through the Arizona legislature and courts system. The camera idea faces an immense amount of resistance, with many worried that it would just give the government more power to spy on people. However, what is clear is that if she makes it to the governor’s mansion, then Ms. Lake will be one of the greatest enemies of CRT yet elected.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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