Biden “Preparing For All Contingencies” If Russia Invades Ukraine

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With the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle hanging as a backdrop, a hapless President Biden attempted to negotiate a deal with wily Russian President Vladimir Putin during a 2-hour virtual meeting on Tuesday. The interaction was in regards to Moscow’s military buildup of almost 100,000 troops massed on the Ukrainian border posing to invade.

On Wednesday, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre spoke to reporters assuring them that Russian President Putin “got the message” during their diplomatic sit-down. She reiterated that the president’s strategy in dealing with Russian aggression towards Ukraine would draw harsh reaction from NATO allies.

The U.S. and our European allies will impose significant and severe economic harm on the Russian economy,” Jean-Pierre stated. “The U.S. is not currently considering using unilateral force to confront Russia.” The deputy press secretary added, “We are preparing for all contingencies as we have for weeks now.”

The saber-rattling threat by press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre apparently caught sleepy Joe by surprise when reporters peppered him in clarifying exactly what “preparing for all contingencies” means.

That is not on the table,” Biden stated in regards to sending U.S. troops to Ukraine. “We have a moral obligation and a legal obligation to our NATO allies if they were to attack under Article 5, that’s a sacred obligation. That obligation does not extend to … Ukraine.”

We hope by Friday we’ll be able to say, to announce to you that we’re having meetings at a higher level, not just with us but with at least four major NATO allies and Russia, to discuss the future of Russia’s concerns relative to NATO and whether or not we can work out any accommodations when it comes to bringing down the temperature along the eastern front.” Biden continued, “I was very straightforward. There were no minced words. I was polite, but I made it very clear: If, in fact, he invades Ukraine, there will be severe consequences. Severe consequences. Economic consequences like none he’s ever seen or ever have been seen, in terms of being imposed.”

The White House didn’t get any concessions from Putin or clarity as to whether the Russian leader would invade Ukraine, though both leaders spoke Wednesday about the possibility of opening up new diplomatic channels in an effort to avoid the outbreak of war.

The savvy Russian president cleverly deflected Biden’s concerns about a Russian invasion, arguing instead about the presence of NATO troops near the Russian border. He claimed that it threatens Russia’s national security interests compounded by Ukraine’s potential future membership within NATO.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz appearing Wednesday on Fox’s “Faulkner Focus” weighed in on the Biden/Putin two hour chat. Cruz blasted Biden for emboldening the former KGB thug and for surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban and leaving behind American citizens still trapped within the country.

The thing to understand this is Joe Biden’s fault. It’s Joe Biden’s fault for two reasons. Number one, you mentioned just a minute ago the disaster of Afghanistan, the weakness that Biden showed surrendering to the Taliban. Every enemy of America took a measure of the man in the Oval Office, and that same surrender that we’ve seen to the Taliban, the rest of the enemies of America were emboldened by that surrender.”

Cruz continued; “But secondly, Biden very specifically surrendered to Putin on Nord Stream 2. Now, why does Nord Stream 2 matter? Nord Stream 2, a pipeline that Russia is building to go directly from Russia to Germany. They’re doing it because they want to bypass Ukraine. In 2014, Putin invaded Ukraine, invaded Crimea, but didn’t continue to invade the rest of the country, didn’t go all the way to Kiev. Why? Because right now the Russian natural gas goes through Ukraine, through Ukrainian energy infrastructure to get to Europe. And if they had invaded Ukraine, the Ukrainians could have destroyed that pipeline and cut off their ability to get to market. So Nord Stream 2 is all about and enabling Russia to cut Ukraine out of the transit loop in order for them to… drive the tanks into downtown Kiev.”

Military analysts believe that invasion is imminent, that it could come as early as January or February of next year.

This story syndicated with permission from My Patriot Post

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