Bidenflation: Famous $1 NY Pizza Slices are Vanishing

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It’s not just the prices of goods that constantly fluctuate in price, such as beef and gas, that are rising under the Biden regime.

While those might be some of the most pronounced, as they’re seen by Americans around the nation trying to fill their tanks or feed their kids, even the prices of some goods known for being a certain price are being inexorably pushed up by Bidenflation.

Dollar Tree, for example, recently announced that it had to hike its prices, with most goods now costing $1.25.

Similarly, even the New York Times is reporting that $1 slices of pizza, a food item that NYC has long been known for, are quickly disappearing.

Apparently, the $1 slices, kept at that price point by the fiercely competitive Manhattan market long after it became economically unfavorable to do so, are now no longer feasible thanks to Bidenflation, which has hit the low-cost food vendors especially hard.

Further, supply chain problems and other issues are impacting the price of the goods going into making and packing the slices, with everything from drought to shipping costs to rapidly increasing demand all acting as inflationary pressures on the restaurants trying to make and serve the famous, $1 slices. As ZeroHedge describes the mass of problems facing the industry:

A severe drought in parts of the US and Canada decimated wheat crops, driving up flour prices. And worker shortages at meat-processing plants led to higher prices for pepperoni. Pizzeria owners buying canned tomatoes from Italy or red chile flakes from India also face higher shipping costs, in many cases being passed on by wholesalers.

A surge in demand for packaging materials, plus a lapse in production from the winter freeze in Texas early this year, has also caused prices on packaging materials, napkins, paper plates and plastic cutlery to surge.

A winter freeze in Texas earlier this year curtailed the production of resin, a raw ingredient in plastic straws and packaging materials like shrink wrap. And in perhaps the biggest shortage of all for pizzerias, reliance on food delivery during the pandemic prompted a surge in demand and increased prices for pizza boxes, paper plates and takeout containers.

And while some businesses have been able to keep prices steady thanks to scale and decreased rents, others are being forced either out of business or to raise the price to $1.50 or more.

In a market so competitive and where the price is known as $1, that price increase might mean that those that attempt to stave off immediate death by raising the price might just be postponing the inevitable.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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