Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” Diverts Funding from Covid to CRT Training in New York

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Well, you know what they say: “another day, another bit of insanity from Team Brandon.” And another bit of insanity it is.

Now, under a provision in the so-called “American Rescue Plan” that Brandon is pushing, funds would be diverted from Covid funding to CRT training in New York. That’s right; your tax dollars are being siphoned off to fund CRT in New York.

Under the American Rescue Plan and other relief funds, New York public schools received a grand total of $9 billion out of the $1.9 trillion dollar program.

But, now, it no longer needs that funding because the Covid pandemic is finally drawing to a close.

So, in typical government fashion, the New York schools are repurposing the funding rather than returning it to the taxpayer.

And what are they spending it on? Nothing useful. Much of the money will be spent on a program called the Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education Framework, which is meant to teach students to “learn using aspects of their race, social class, gender, language, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or ability.”

Oh, and it’ll also teach students to “challenge power and privilege where present, or absent” and “be more inclusive.”

Fortunately, some in New York are fighting back against the absurd, Biden bucks funded program by calling it what it is: critical race theory.

According to Just the News, Stanley Kurtz, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, had this to say about the anti-American program:

“Culturally Responsive Education and Critical Race Theory are overlapping and mutually reinforcing pedagogies,” Kurtz told Just the News. “The term Critical Race Theory is rightly applied to a number of educational approaches: ‘anti-racism,’ ‘diversity, equity and inclusion,’ ‘culturally responsive teaching’ and the like. They are all close variations on Critical Race Theory.”

New York’s CRSE program details teachers’ and students’ roles in eliminating the racism and privilege it teaches is inextricably bound up with the country’s history. Students will be taught to continually reflect upon their own “implicit biases,” which will help in turn to “dismantle systems of biases and inequities rooted in our country’s history, culture, and institutions.” 

“New York’s CRSE Framework explicitly states that it is grounded in Ladson-Billings’ mid-1990s work on ‘culturally relevant teaching,’” Kurtz  emphasized. “To repeat, Ladson-Billings also happens to be the founding mother of Critical Race Theory in K-12.” 

So, the New York public schools are repurposing Covid funds to indoctrinate students with the kooky ideas of some CRT-loving education theorist. Frankly,  that sounds even worse than spending the money on ineffective Covid measures, as was originally intended.

In any case, if you’re a parent of a child in the New York school system, you have Biden’s American Rescue Plan to thank for the new indoctrination efforts directed at your child.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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