Economic Disaster Inbound: Biden Signs an Order for the US Government to Reach “Net Zero” Emissions by 2050

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If President Brandon wanted the economy to boom, one step he’d probably take is cutting the regulations that are stopping Americans from having access to cheap fuel. That wouldn’t be a complete fix, but it’d certainly be helpful.

But, of course, it’s exactly the opposite of what he’s doing. Instead, he’s taken step after step to make it harder to pump or transport oil, thus raising costs at the pump tremendously.

And, as if that weren’t enough, now he’s pushing for the US government to reach “net zero” emissions by 2050. According to the Guardian, which gleefully reported on Brandon’s idiotic announcement:

The US government will be a net zero contributor to the climate crisis by 2050 by slashing the planet-heating emissions from its operations and transitioning to an all-electric fleet of cars and trucks, according to a new executive order signed by Joe Biden.

The federal government is the largest land owner, energy consumer and employer in the US and it will “lead by example in tackling the climate crisis”, the White House said, by eliminating greenhouse gases from its activities.

Under the order signed by Biden on Wednesday, the government will cut its emissions by 65% by the end of this decade, before reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.

And how does it plan on doing that? By buying hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles, only buying electricity from “clean” sources like wind and solar, and trying to limit emmissions from the thousands of buildings the government owns.

In other words, they plan to appease the angry sun monster by spending gobs of money they don’t have on leftist pet projects like electric vehicles and “green energy.”

What’s left unsaid is how the plan will impact America’s military. Though some ships, our supercarriers and submarines, use nuclear energy, everything else in the military’s toolkit emits quite a few emissions.

The Arleigh Burke destroyers burn immense quantities of fuel, as do jets, helicopters, tanks, and even smaller vehicles like the JLTV. Other than the ships, which could theoretically be made nuclear-powered, though at immense cost and for little gain, the rest of the arsenal will have to remain fossil-fuel powered. Abrams tanks don’t run on sunlight, nor do F-35s.

So, either that will just be ignored as Biden basks in praise for setting an unrealistic but very “pro-climate” goal, or the government will have to do something like plant 100 trees to make up for every F-35 flight hour, thus making the program even more expensive.

In any case, even if the government somehow can reach its goal, that will mean little, as it makes up only 15% of the US’s emissions and the US is hardly the problem when compared to countries like China and India that still rely heavily upon coal.

So, whatever good Brandon’s highly expensive policies do to stop “climate change,” they could be completely undone by China’s continued pollution.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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