Former Harvard Chemistry Chair Admits He Took Tens of Thousands from China

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It’s not just companies like Amazon and Apple that are bowing to the Chinese dragon out of greed. America’s educators are too.

The most recent example of that comes from Boston, the former seat of American liberty. There, Harvard’s former chemistry chair recently admitted that he took tens of thousands of dollars in bribes from Red China.

News on that comes from the Epoch Times, which reported that:

The former chair of Harvard University’s Chemistry Department accused of hiding Chinese ties has admitted to taking tens of thousands of dollars from China, video footage presented in federal court on Dec. 17 shows.

[…]The five-year agreement described Lieber as a “strategic scientist” at the Chinese school, which entitled him to $50,000 per month with approximately $158,000 in living expenses. It also alluded to his future involvement with China’s Thousand Talents Plan, a state-run program to solicit top scientific and specialized experts from around the world.

Later in the interview, FBI agents showed Lieber an email that he had written asking Wuhan University to pay half of his salary in cash and to deposit the other half into a Chinese bank account.

Lieber, a nanoscientist, initially disputed the FBI’s claims, but then changed his testimony when the FBI showed video proof of his collusion with the Red Chinese.

He eventually admitted that he was paid tens of thousands of dollars on each of his six trips to China, eventually receiving up to $100,000.

When he changed his tune and admitted to his corrupt misdeeds, Lieber apparently said “I can’t even believe I did this. It’s my mistake, and obviously I made a mistake.

A mistake it was, as China is actively using both industrial espionage and corrupt, greedy American contacts like Lieber to build a military that can defeat and kill Americans.

But Lieber is hardly alone in his siding with the CCP. As the Washington Free Beacon reports, dozens of American universities and the academics running them have decided to favor Chinese cash over patriotism and have accepted money from Chinese sources, most notably the Confucius Institute:

Many elite universities with Confucius Institute programs appear to be unfazed by the Trump administration’s decision last week to designate the D.C-based headquarters of the program as a “foreign mission”—a label the U.S. government applies to entities it finds to be directly controlled by a foreign power. Despite the announcement, nearly 50 colleges and universities will continue their partnership with Confucius Institute programs, which comes with up to $1 million in Chinese government funding.

The cushy partnership between American universities and the Chinese regime has restricted academic freedom on campus, frequently forcing administrators and faculty members to self-censor to avoid Beijing’s wrath. While many universities rely on the organization to support Mandarin language classes and Chinese culture lessons, the program also bars its staff from discussing topics considered taboo by the Chinese Communist Party, such as the Xinjiang concentration camps or the Hong Kong protests.

But that situation is most concerning in the case of Lieber and Harvard, along with similar universities like MIT, as those schools and academics receive DOD contracts, especially from future-oriented minded divisions like DARPA.

For example, the Epoch Times reports that Lieber received about $15 million in funding from the DOD and NIH while at Harvard. But, at the same time, he was working for the CCP. So, with whom did his loyalties lie? To what Chinese agencies did he discuss his DOD work?

Hopefully, such details will be uncovered by Lieber’s trial. But, even if they are, it won’t be enough, as Lieber is only the tip of the CCP-infiltration iceberg. It’s time for the FBI and other counter-intelligence agencies to start taking the threat seriously.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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