Gov. Ricketts Describes CRT as a “Betrayal of the Civil Rights Movement”

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Pete Ricketts, the Republican Governor of Nebraska, came out firmly against critical race theory, a Marxist ideology he described as a “betrayal of the civil rights movement,” during a discussion with Breitbart News. 

According to that outlet, he said:

“Critical race theory is talking about resegregation. It is talking about discriminating his people based upon their skin color. It is a betrayal of the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King, who wanted his children to be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.”

During the discussion, prompted by the administration of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln trying to push critical race theory into the curriculum, Ricketts also said that:

“while the University has repeatedly denied that their plan includes critical race theory, their own records reveal that the consultant behind their efforts is a critical race theorist.”

Nor did he end his walloping attack on CRT there. After saying that “anti-racism is critical race theory” and that the university’s proposed CRT program “really is a program that is anti-American,” Ricketts went on to say that the goal of a CRT curriculum is to “create more activists” and “undermine traditional American values.”

Still, the governor didn’t end his blistering attack on CRT and the university’s attempt to indoctrinate students with it. He also said:

“Specifically in UNL’s plan, they talk about making students activists, and they are very specific about training students to be activists on critical race theory. [While they do not use the term critical race theory,] they talk specifically about turning students into activists, specifically targeting the police department. … So, it’s very blatant in UNL’s plans they’re talking about creating more activists.

The King County Library System having segregated training sessions. Literally, you’ve got resegregation — separating people out by their skin color for training sessions,” he said as one example.

“You can see it in some of the defense contractors like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. You can see it at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. … This is not something that they’re talking about theoretically in a classroom like Marxism. We discussed Marxism in our classrooms. But they’re now saying, ‘Well, now I’m going to take this and I’m going to implement it, I’m going to bring it into the mainstream.’”

Still he went on. After articulating how he has attacked University of Nebraska-Lincoln administrators for utilizing the fake news 1619 Project, Ricketts described why the programs are infuriating parents, both in Nebraska and around the nation:

“Whether it’s the sex education standards that includes gender ideology, or it’s this critical race theory, parents are seeing what their kids are being taught, and they’re really waking up to this and finding out what the curriculum is, going to those school board meetings, and basically throwing a fit, saying, ‘This is not what we want out kids being taught.’ And the left-wing radicals are pushing back saying, ‘Parents don’t have any say with their kids are being taught.’

So we really kind of exercised my ability to use the bully pulpit to get people educated about it so that the parents would take action. And that’s where we put the pressure on the state board to stop their program.

When I went around to educate parents, they were the ones to attend the school board meetings by the hundreds, thousands of phone calls and emails and letters went to the State Board of Education. And they got the State Board of Education to table their sex education standards.”

Finally, Ricketts described how to win on the CRT issue in the long term:

“The right the school board members may slow down a policy, or really take out some of the inflammatory words, but to make real change, we have to replace those people on the school board with people who believe the parents are responsible for a kid’s education.”

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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