Insanity: NY Bans Use of Natural Gas in New Buildings

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Other than nuclear power, natural gas is probably the best fuel out there. It’s clean-burning, cheap, relatively easy to transport, doesn’t require the massive quantities of lithium required by “renewable” energies, and is very reliable.

Predictably, the Gaia-obsessed left hates both with a burning (no pun intended) passion, despite the fact that nuclear power and natural gas are some of the best solutions out there. Instead, they want to rely on solar power and windmills.

One such gaggle of leftists with that belief is the New York City council, which voted on Wednesday to ban the use of natural gas in new buildings. Why? To reduce the “carbon footprint” of those buildings. As City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said:

“The bill to ban the use of gas in new buildings will (help) us to transition to a greener future and (reach) carbon neutrality by the year 2050. We are in a climate crisis and must take all necessary steps to fight climate change and protect our city.” 

Slow Joe also recently demanded carbon neutrality by 2050, though he stopped short of attempting to get there by banning clean, efficient natural gas. The ban will take effect on 2027.

After then, buildings will have to rely on fossil fuel “alternatives” such as wind and solar energy for their electricity.

However, what the self-congratulatory city council didn’t contemplate is what will happen when it’s cloudy out, nighttime, or not windy enough to power the windmills.

At that point, unless New York somehow manages to build up enough batteries to avoid fossil fuels entirely, which is very unlikely, it will have to rely on the hated fossil fuels, the cleanest one of which is natural gas.

So, at best on a cloudly or still day, buildings that would otherwise just be heated with natural gas will be heated by electricity generated by natural gas. More likely, some coal-generated power will be included.

How that’s better than just letting buildings use natural gas in the first place is left unsaid, as is much of the nonsense spewed by the left.

Oh, and the new law will raise prices for consumers, as ZeroHedge reports:

New York’s move to all-electric buildings could mean a higher price tag for consumers using electricity for heat than those relying on gas. This winter, the average household in the U.S. Northeast is expected to pay $1,538 to heat their home with electricity, compared with gas at about $865.

Higher costs, complete nonsense, and less efficiency. That’s your city on leftism.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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