Kamala Cautiously Threatens Russia with “Sanctions Like You’ve Never Seen”


Kamala Harris, the VP with an approval rating worse than Dick Cheney’s was…after he shot a guy, is apparently attempting to rectify her plummeting approval ratings with a trick out of Hillary’s hot sauce-filled handbag.

That’s right; Kamala is trying to hide, or at least mitigate, her domestic problems by using the classic Democrat trick of blaming the Russians.

Speaking with CBS’s Margaret Brennan on the globalist-hyped crisis between Russia and Ukraine, something Russia has tried to show is a non-issue by removing about 10,000 troops from drills near the border, Kamala said:

“We are having direct conversations with Russia. The president, as you know, met recently virtually with Putin, and we are very clear that Russia should not invade the sovereignty of Ukraine, that we must stand up and we are standing up for its territorial integrity.

We are working with our allies in that regard, and we’ve been very clear that we are prepared to issue sanctions like you’ve not seen before.”

Sanctions like you’ve not seen before.” It sounds bold, but why exactly are they necessary?

If the goal is to stop Russia from invading Ukraine, then they’re unnecessary, as even the CIA admits that such an invasion doesn’t appear likely. If the goal is to rap Putin on the knuckles, then why would these prove any more effective than the previous rounds of sanctions placed on Russia by the globalists?

Surprisingly, one of those questions was asked by Brennan, showing that even the mainstream media is starting to stand up to Team Brandon. In any case, Kamala’s answer was quite weak. Here’s the transcript:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Does that mean sanctioning Vladimir Putin directly?

VICE PRESIDENT HARRIS: I’m not going to talk about specific sanctions, but we are making that clear to him, and we are in direct conversations. And we are also working very closely with our allies. And again, let’s use this issue as an example of the importance of the strength of those relationships.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But in the past alongside allies we’ve sanctioned, it’s been punitive. It hasn’t prevented anything. It hasn’t stopped Vladimir Putin to date.

VICE PRESIDENT HARRIS: And I’ll repeat that the type of sanctions that we’re talking about are sanctions that we’ve not done before.

But she won’t tell us what those novel sanctions are; the plebes don’t get to know what the cackling patricians are up to. We just have to die in their wars.

And, when pressed about the “threat” Russia poses to Ukraine, Kamala ran away from the issue, lamely saying “Umm… I cannot talk to you about classified information.”

So they get to push us toward an unnecessary war without even saying why, hiding the “threat” (or lack thereof) behind the “classified” label.

Pushing back against Team Brandon’s messaging, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that Russia won’t tolerate the US using sanctions to turn Russia into a “besieged fortress.”

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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