Marines Boot 169 for Refusing the Jab, Deny All Religious Exemption Requests So Far

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The purge of the unvaxxed from the Armed Forces that began with the Air Force purging 27 airmen is continuing, this time in the Marine Corps.

Now, the once-valiant Corps, the descendants of the fearless men that stormed Iwo Jima, waded into red-hot streams of machine-gun fire at Belleau Wood, and blew right through Saddam’s forces is so scared of the Chinese flu that it’s getting rid of everyone that won’t take the jab.

And while some speculated that its “get the shot or get fired” threats weren’t genuine, it’s making it all too clear that the threat was real; dozens of Marines were just booted for refusing to take the jab.

News on that came from ZeroHedge, which reported that:

As of end of this week the US Marine Corps has kicked out at least 169 Marines over their refusal to get the coronavirus vaccine by the mandated deadline. This after the past week alone has seen 66 additional Marines discharged on top of the initial service members booted.

Amid the new Omicron fears, of which there may be a mere handful of cases across the US military, the Marine Corps said in a new statement that “The speed with which the disease transmits among individuals has increased risk to our Marines and the Marine Corps’ mission.”

Yet worse, the Marines are refusing to grant religious exemptions. As ABC News reports:

The Marine Corps has been the most aggressive in discharging troops who refuse the vaccine. And it also has denied all religious requests for vaccine exemptions that have been processed. As of Thursday, 3,080 of the 3,192 requests received — or more than 96% — have been processed and rejected.

And these 169 Marines might just be the tip of the iceberg. As of today, about 5% of the Marine Corps remains unvaxxed. With ~180,000 total active-duty Marines, that means about 9,000 Marines could be booted from the force.

As tensions with China, Iran, and Russia rise, the armed forces might want to ask themselves if discharging tens of thousands of personnel over the jab is really the best decision.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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