MTG Promotes Legislation that would Hold Fake News Accountable for Not Correcting Lies

marjorie taylor greene

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been busy recently. In addition to blasting the RINOs on Steve Bannon’s War Room, she’s also fighting against the fake news media and the devious way it goes about “correcting” the misinformation it spreads.

This time, she was speaking to Just the News’s John Solomon on his podcast, which you can listen to here:

During the podcast, which is certainly worth listening to after you read the article, Greene had this to say to Solomon:

“The freedom of press is not the freedom to lie. And that is the biggest thing we have to focus on. There needs to be accountability, and I think that’s something we really need to look at.”

And by “look at,” Greene doesn’t just mean idly complain about. According to her, she and her staff have been working on legislation that would hold media companies like CNN accountable for their repeated, demonstrable lies, such as the Russia collusion hoax.

One idea she had is to make them spend just as much time spreading the truth as they did spreading lies. In her words:

“If you’re caught lying, then your network has to devote just as much time to telling the truth as you did telling the lie, not just a correction at the bottom of some article that gets buried and no one ever sees.”

In her view, the issue is finding balanced legislation that will hold media companies accountable while also protecting freedom of speech. Remarking on that, Greene said it’s challenging to find:

some sort of legislation that will protect the freedom, because that’s so important, but also force accountability

It remains to be seen what sort of legislation Greene will end up promoting and if it will pass Constitutional muster. As George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley told Just the News:

Such a law would raise serious constitutional concerns. The best solution to bad speech is good speech. There are certainly well-documented cases of the media advancing false stories in the last few years. However, I would not advocate any type of federal laws to combat media disinformation any more than I support the censorship of social media companies. It would be very hard to draft a law that would pass constitutional muster and I believe the costs of such a law to the free press would outweigh any benefits.

Still, such a law would be interesting and, if it passes, certainly do some good in reigning in the fake news media.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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