Freedom Of Speech Fight Has Begun! Join Free Talk 45 by Herring Networks

Is there anything more crucial in our world than Freedom of Speech? Many have stated over and over again that we have the Second Amendment, just in case someone takes away the First Amendment. Well, with Democrats being pushed further and further into the realm of Communism and State Control over absolutely everything, we’re starting to feel the pinch.

On one of our sister sites, I wrote an article about Facebook in particular, when they finally admitted that their “Fact-Checks” are nothing more than opinion. Yet, they wield “fact-checking” like a weapon against free speech. Post too many memes or status’ that disagree with their opinion on facts, and you’ll find yourself censored.

You see, they can’t prevent you from logging into the site or app itself. If they did that, you wouldn’t get to see all the ads, and people paying Facebook for those might get mad. Since that’s bad for business all around, you’re allowed to continue logging in and seeing everything Facebook has to offer, you’re just not allowed to DO anything. These sentences can last anywhere from a few hours, to upwards of 30 days.

What’s the solution?

Free Talk 45.

The Herring Network, which owns One America News Network, has created their own social media website, and it’s time to really stick it to Big Tech. With sites like Rumble, Parler, and now Free Talk 45, we’re being offered a lot more options as to where we can go to say what we please. The problem with most of these sites remains the same however…

No one’s using them.

Taking a look around Parler, it’s just not easy to gather a base of follows. I don’t even have more than one Twitter follower, and I’m pretty sure that’s just one of the Sex Bots. Building up your base was a lot easier when you had ridiculous Zynga Games likes Farmville that required you to make friends to get free upgrades in the game.

Let’s be honest, Facebook would not have survived without Zynga Games. Getting our parents, grandparents, and the older generation to come and use the site only happened after we needed even more friends to achieve our gaming goals. Having free-ish games on Facebook was what killed MySpace, who couldn’t quite get the hang of gaming.

So, if any of you execs for Parler, FreeTalk45, or whatever Trump’s new social media site is going to be are reading, GET GAMES ON YOUR PLATFORMS ASAP. Find something, anything, that requires people to reach out. I just took a look at your sites and they’re not failing outright, but they aren’t competing and it’s because there is almost no networking happening yet.

A lot of people complain about Facebook and how much they hate the site, but even the most conservative of commentators and news organizations make the bulk of their social media money off of Facebook alone. Even The Daily Wire admits it. You have to start using Free Talk 45, Parler, and Rumble more in order to get rid of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. If you don’t, FCC nominee Gigi Sohn may win the Freedom of Speech fight when she begins to censor everything and everyone that she disagrees with.

Give it a try. It’s not hard, and it’s free so far. Only time will tell how long that remains true.

  1. Go to

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2. Click on Register at the bottom.

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3. Fill out your information and then you’ll be redirected to login. This is something similar to what you’ll see.

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So come say hi! I’m set up (or trying to set up). Let’s navigate this together. What else have we got to lose besides our Freedom of Speech?

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