Tom Cotton Calls for the Removal of Every Soros Prosecutor


As news has come out of just how lenient Soros-backed prosecutors tend to be, with the prime example being the unjustifiably light sentences given to Darrell Brooks, the Wakeusha killer, for his previous misdeeds, calls have echoed for the removal of those Soros-backed prosecutors.

And it’s not just the Twitter-bound, very online right that wants them gone. Now, even members of the Senate, theoretically the august body of the legislature, are calling for them to be removed.

One of the most prominent is Tom Cotton, who, in an op-ed titled “Recall, Remove & Replace Every Last Soros Prosecutor,” demanded that those agents of injustice be removed.

In the op-ed, he first descrived the problem with the American justice system that exists because of the soft on crime, Soros-backed prosecutors, saying:

Last year, our nation experienced the largest increase in murder in American history and the largest number of drug overdose deaths ever recorded. This carnage continues today and is not distributed equally. Instead, it is concentrated in cities and localities where radical, left-wing, George Soros progressives have captured state and district attorney offices. These legal arsonists condemn our rule of law as “systemically racist” and have not simply abused prosecutorial discretion, they have embraced prosecutorial nullification. As a result, a contagion of crime has infected virtually every neighborhood under their charge.

He then went on to elaborate, noting the massive rise in crime rates that America’s cities have experienced as a result of soft on crime policies:

All of these cities have paid a terrible price for these insane policies. Last year, the number of homicides in Chicago rose by 56%, and more than 1,000 Cook County residents have been murdered in 2021. In New York City, murder increased 47% and shootings soared 97%. In 2020, the murder rate in Baltimore was higher than El Salvador’s or Guatemala’s — nations from which citizens often attempt to claim asylum purely based on gang violence and murder—and this year murder in Baltimore is on track to be even higher. Murder in Los Angeles rose 36% last year and is on track to rise another 17% this year.

Finally, after giving specific examples of how those Soros-backed prosecutors have enabled criminals and left law-abiding citizens vulnerable to the predations of known thugs, he demands that the radical leftist, Soros-backed prosecutors be removed from their positions:

The Republican Party must then join with independents and common-sense Democrats to wage an unrelenting war on crime. That war must begin with a campaign to recall, remove, and replace every last Soros prosecutor. Throw the bums out.

Cotton is right. If America wants to rid itself of the crime problem wracking its cities, then it’s time to toss out the trash and replace Soros-backed, soft on crime prosecutors with those that’ll get the job done and keep criminals off our streets.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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