US Issues Ukraine Travel Advisory Due to Ukraine Threat

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As the Pantsuit Empire continues to try to gin up war in Ukraine, a war that even the CIA says doesn’t appear to be planned by Putin, its agents in the State Department are raising tensions yet higher by issuing a travel advisory for Ukraine.

The travel advisory, released despite the fact that there’s no significant fighting in Donbas nor has Russia done anything to make the situation on the ground dangerous, says:

The Department of State continues to advise U.S. citizens not to travel to Ukraine due to COVID-19 and to reconsider travel due to increased threats from Russia.  Exercise increased caution due to crime and civil unrest.  Some areas have increased risks.

U.S. citizens should be aware of reports that Russia is planning for significant military action against Ukraine. U.S. citizens are also reminded the security conditions, particularly along Ukraine’s borders, in Russia-occupied Crimea, and in Russia-controlled eastern Ukraine, are unpredictable and can deteriorate with little notice.

U.S. citizens choosing to travel to Ukraine should be aware that Russian military action anywhere in Ukraine would severely impact the U.S. Embassy’s ability to provide consular services, including assistance to U.S. citizens in departing Ukraine.

The advisory paints a picture of imminent war, written to seem like the Ukraine of 2021 is the Poland of 1939 or Iraq of 2003.

But, though some in the US government and Ukrainian government continue to allege that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent, they have no real evidence.

In fact, the only evidence they do have of Russia’s supposed “significant military action” is that it has troops stationed in its bases near the border. As ZeroHedge reports:

US intelligence and media reports have estimated that anywhere from 70,000 to 90,000+ Russian troops are currently mustered along the Russia-Ukraine border and in the Crimea region. Leaders in Kiev have also claimed that a Russian offensive aimed at annexing war-torn Eastern Ukraine is coming by the end of January.

Moscow has over the past month-and-a-half rejected the accusations, saying it should concern no outside country where and when it chooses to maneuver troops within Russia’s own sovereign borders.

By the logic of those claiming that the massed troops of a prelude to war, any country near where the US stations troops is facing the threat of an imminent invasion. Are we poised to invade North Korea? Are our troops in Poland, the Baltic, and Germany ready to launch an armored attack into Western Russia? No. Because stationing troops at a base doesn’t necessarily mean war is imminent.

Other preparations–massing material, mobilizing reserves, organizing and forward deploying the units that will make the assault–are all required. All the Russians have done is station troops near the border. Putin might be rattling his saber, but the storm of war doesn’t seem particularly close.

Instead, it looks like the travel advisory is meant to gin up anti-Russian sentiment, as it contains unproven allegations meant to make the Russians look bad. As ZeroHedge reports:

Interestingly the State Dept.’s travel warning also advises against all travel in Crimea, where “occupation authorities” regularly “abuse and arbitrarily imprison foreigners and the local population, particularly individuals who are seen as opposing Russia’s occupation of the peninsula” – according to the document, though without referencing specific evidence of such actions. 

Fortunately, both Russia and most of Europe have remained relatively clear-headed and are discussing proposals to lower tensions in the region.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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