Watch: Rand Paul Says Masks are about “Conditioning the American Individual to Submit”

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From his public rips of Fauci to his constant defense of our individual and natural rights, Rand Paul has been one of the greatest defenders of freedom in the Covid Era. When others back down, he stands up. When they remain silent or preach the faux gospel of the Covid tyrants, Sen. Paul speaks truth and defends American values.

That fighting, pro-freedom spirit of his could be seen again when Sen. Paul appeared on Fox to speak with conservative commentator Dan Bongino. Watch it here:

During the interview, Senator Paul said:

“Schumer left out one thing, when they were denying that the Earth went around the sun. It was the government denying that and it was an independent scientist trying to set them straight…the danger is when you let science be controlled by government, or by one sort of monolithic individual like Fauci, it really doesn’t have anything to do with science. Science usually discovers the truth eventually. But when science is dictated by the government, that’s when you get, you know, Flat Earthers.”

He then went on, saying “I don’t think it’s been about science for a long time. It’s really about conditioning the American individual to submit to government. And you’re right, it never ends, the goalposts will continue to change. And ultimately, more and more of your healthcare will be controlled.

But Paul didn’t end with blasting the government and its bureaucratic minions for conditioning people to bend the knee. He went on to decimate Fauci again and again before finally blasting socialized medicine as a massive failure:

“You know, under socialized medicine, when we centralize all controls, most of these decisions are made by government bureaucrats like Fauci. If you love the dictates on vaccines, you’ll love it when Fauci is in charge of who can be dialyzed.

In England for many years, they wouldn’t dialyze you after age 50 because they thought that you don’t have much left to live and over a 50 year over the hill and I personally resent that now that I’m well past 50.

But the thing is, nobody in government should be making those decisions. And once they do, it gets into rationing and arbitrary decisions by little autocrats like Fauci. And it’s a huge mistake to let this happen and we do need to fight back.”

It was a brilliant interview in which Sen. Paul did an excellent job of blasting Fauci, socialized medicine, and the present Covid regime to pieces.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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