Woke Insanity: Business Insider Tries to Cancel “Elf”


Like the Jacobins of the French Revolution, the Jacobins of America’s woke present are quick to send anyone or anything that even slightly contradicts their narrative to the guillotine.

The Jacobins of Robespierre’s day knocked the heads off not just the aristocrats, but even the statues of kings that are part of Notre Dame; the Jacobins of today come after not just people with whom they disagree, but even cultural products with which they have the slightest disagreement.

Most recently, that Jacobin attitude has meant their attack on Will Ferrell’s hilarious Christmas movie, Elf. To the woke, even that heartwarming tale about a man that thinks he’s an elf isn’t worth preserving.

As a result, the woke writers at Business Insider are demanding its cancellation. Yes, really. The absurd article had this to say:

“Elf” became a modern holiday classic almost instantly after it premiered in 2003. But almost 20 years later, it still baffles me how offensive it is to cognitively disabled adults. 

[…]But I couldn’t sit through “Elf” for more than 10 minutes without feeling offended. After forcing myself to sit through the whole film, I’m even more confident that purposefully or not, “Elf” makes fun of cognitively disabled adults through Buddy.  

And what is Esme Mazzeo’s reasoning as to why it makes fun of disabled people? Well, nothing of substance, but there are these few gems, where Esme takes the worst possible interpretation of funny scenes and uses them to slander the great movie:

He’s referred to as “special” several times while at the North Pole. His toy-making skills are not up to par and he has to take a post reserved for “special” elves. 

“Special” is a term often used to otherize people with physical and cognitive disabilities. It’s often code for “different and lesser than” everyone else.

[…]When he does make it to Manhattan, Buddy’s own father Walter never stops using derogatory terms against him. At the doctor’s office where he forces Buddy to take a paternity test, Walter tells the doctor Buddy is “certifiably insane.” Talking to his wife later in the film, Walter says his son is a “deranged elf man.” Even at the end of the film when Walter tells Buddy he loves him, he mentions that Buddy is “chemically imbalanced.”

[…]Buddy eating cotton balls, running toward moving taxi cabs, and even exposing a department store Santa as fake doesn’t inspire me to laugh. Instead, these moments made me wish he had a real support system in his life”

So, because the protagonist has aspects of his personality that set him apart and annoy other characters, to the political correctness guillotine Elf can go!

And what’s Mazzeo’s proffered solution to the Elf problem? Casting a disabled actor. Because laughing at an actually disabled person is somehow better than laughing at a clueless man that thinks he’s an elf…typical leftist logic.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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