Air Force Officer Allergic to the Jab Gets a Reprimand Rather than an Exemption

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The military has granted very few exemptions for its Covid-19 jab requirement. Though many servicemen and women have applied for religious and medical exemptions, an infinitesimally small percentage have actually received them.

Unfortunately, yet another servicemember just found out that the military wouldn’t listen to reason and grant her exemption request; with Brandon’s military, it’s Fauci’s way or the highway.

That servicemember is Lt. Col. Brandi King, an Air Force Reserve officer that replied for a medical exemption on the basis of an allergy to one of the jab ingredients and not only saw her exemption application denied, but was actually reprimanded for having the temerity to ask.

The background is this; Lr. Col. King tested positive for an allergy to an ingredient in COVID-19 vaccines, polysorbate. On the basis of that allergic reaction, one that led the doctor who administered the test to recommend her for an exemption on the basis of “the potential for a significant allergic reaction,” she filed for a religious exemption.

And it was a real, reasonable request, not puffery concocted out of her desire to get out of taking the jab. As Just the News reports, “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if someone has an allergy to polysorbate, they shouldn’t receive the Janssen vaccine. The CDC recommends those allergic to polysorbate ask their doctor if they can get the mRNA COVID vaccine instead.

In fact, King was only requesting a 30-day exemption so that the Air Force Reserve would have time to review her situation and determine what action to take!

However, while the request was quite reasonable, the Air Force was anything but; only one day after she submitted the exemption request, she not only received a denial of her request, but an official letter of reprimand, which is an extremely serious sanction in the Air Force.

So, serious, in fact, that it could be a career-killer. As Just the News reports on the letter and its potential consequences:

If the letter of reprimand is upheld, then an unfavorable information file will be created, which is considered in her performance report, which goes before the promotion board. If she gets a negative performance report as a result, she won’t be competitive for a promotion, effectively ending her military career.

And what was the “serious” misstep for which she is being reprimanded, one which might kill her Air Force career? Not submitting her exemption requests simultaneously. A mundane, seemingly minor offence that occurred not out of her perfidy but simply because she didn’t yet know she was allergic to the jab when she filed the first one.

The end effect of all this could be that King is transferred out of the Air Force Reserve shortly before she reaches retirement age, thus denying her a pension after a lifetime of service. All for requesting she be exempted from a jab she’s allergic to. Does that sound just to you?

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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