Al Sharpton Calls Blacks Who Support Trump “Props” That Help Him Push Racism

al sharpton

Al Sharpton must have agreed with President Brandon’s infamous “you ain’t black” comment because he made much the same point on Monday’s “Deadline” by MSNBC, during which he was speaking to former Sen. Claire McCaskill.

She began the horrible, quite racist segment, saying:

I have just got ask the Rev, I mean, I looked at that rally, and I listened to what he said, that white people were being denied the vaccine, the clear message that black people were being prioritized for the vaccine over white people.

Everyone knows what he was trying to do. He was trying to get people to be mad at black people. What did those black people sitting behind him think when he said that? It’s like I don’t get that.

Al Sharpton, never one to miss an opportunity to turn a non-racist molehill into a mountain of evidence of racism, quickly responded, saying:

“The fact that we all saw them sitting there, clearly they were put there for the optics. There was one guy that went around the whole 2020 race with a ‘Blacks for Trump’ sign. It seems like now he’s got more. They are put there strategically so that he can say the most racist things and not look racist.”

I mean who gets a group of people, ‘Blacks for Trump,’ and just happens to sit there, and they happen to get within camera view?

I mean, no one could be that stupid to think that that just happened to be they got the good seats. That is choreographed so he can sell racism and look like he’s not a racist.

I think it is something that we all ought to deplore. I wouldn’t waste my time worrying about who he props up.”

Sharpton’s statement is probably correct in one respect; certain people probably were given better seats than others so that the cameras would catch all the different types of people there to watch the rally and support the president.

But that’s far from a “choreographed” way to “sell racism.” GOP politicians like Trump have good reason to want the cameras to catch all the different groups supporting them. For one, it combats the media narrative that the GOP is a party of only white men. Plus, it helps show others out there on the fence that there are people like them that vote conservative and are proud of it.

Further, there’s evidence that many blacks are switching parties and supporting Trump. As the NYP put it shortly after the 2020 election:

For four years now, Democrats and their media allies have tarred President Trump as a reprehensible white supremacist leading a dying party. The Trumpian, populist GOP, they claimed, was doomed to become a regional rump party, whose electoral prospects were tied to a shrinking share of bitter, downscale whites.

That narrative was always bunk. It finally died, once and for all, on Tuesday evening.

Team Trump and Republicans nationwide made unprecedented inroads with black and Hispanic voters. Nationally, preliminary numbers indicated that 26 percent of Trump’s voting share came from nonwhite voters — the highest percentage for a GOP presidential candidate since 1960.

So no, Al, the “blacks for Trump” movement isn’t a way to “sell racism.” It’s an organic movement that grew out of disgust with the ineptitude, race-baiting, and condescension of the left.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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