Awesome: Trump Calls Himself 45th and 47th President

Is Trump running for president in 2024? He’s yet to announce his candidacy, but he’s dropped numerous hints that he’s at least strongly considering it. Despite all the hate, scorn, and abuse heaped on him for working tirelessly to make America great again during his first presidency, he might be willing to brave the hatred of the detestable left again to make America a better place.

While he hasn’t said openly whether he actually is running or not, he did just drop a very substantial hint that he’s planning to kick out Brandon the Incompetent and return to the White House. Watch that here:

Beginning a round of golf in his signature MAGA 45 cap, one that’s nearly as ubiquitous as any other piece of American clothing, one of the members of the group proudly says “Now on the tee the 45th president of the United States.

Trump, without missing a beat or breaking a sweat, grins and says “The 45th and 47th.” It was Trump at his best: quick, witty, funny, and unwilling to accept anything other than victory in the battle of wills that D.C. politics have become.

Those playing with him seemed to like the comment too, with one saying “47th, yes! I love that!” So do we, so do we.

It was not immediately clear, however, when the video was recorded. It could, theoretically at least, be an old one and his mind has changed since then, or it could have been taken around the same time it was posted and reflect what he’s currently thinking about jumping back into the shark tank to defeat RINOs and Democrats in 2024.

If taken recently, his comment would make sense, both contextually and given the current public mood.

For example, he just released an advertisement highlighting some of his greatest successes while in office, saying that he “built America’s greatest economy” and “stamped out ISIS.” It also encourages Republicans to fight for him against the radical left and their witchhunt-like “investigations” of him and his family’s business ventures.

Additionally, Trump has been doing quite well in recent polling, especially compared to Brandon, whose incompetence has turned way more than a simple majority of America against him.

A recent poll, for example, found that the majority of America prefers Trump to Brandon. As I reported on it:

the poll told respondents “Now we will show you some names and groups. Please indicate if you have a favorable or unfavorable view of that person or group – or if you’ve never heard of them.”

Two of the names were typical for any political question- Joe Biden and Donald Trump. 47% gave former president Trump a favorable rating while only 39% had a favorable view of Brandon. Incidentally and perhaps surprisingly, only 38% of people said they had a favorable view of Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

Trump is more popular than Brandon and his GOP competition. If he wants to run, he certainly has a good shot at winning. Looks like the “47th” comment might be more than mere bluster.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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