Boom: Trump Has a Massive Primary Lead According to Recent Poll

Many on the corporatist, RINO “right” are trying to pretend that Trump is hugely unpopular and that he’d never win a primary, much less a general election. They push either mostly MAGA people like DeSantis, claiming he’s the “new Trump,” or some sniveling Conservative, Inc. type like Milquetoast Mike Pence.

Of course, just like with WMDs in Iraq or Jeb! having a chance against Donald Trump, those types were wrong yet again; Trump has a 40-point lead over anyone else that might try to be the GOP presidential candidate in 2024.

That comes from a McLaughlin & Associates survey, which, among other things, asked GOP voters “Thinking ahead to the 2024 Republican primary election for President, if that election were held today among the following candidates, for whom would you vote?

The result was a massive, massive landslide for Trump. It wasn’t even close, much less a result that the GOP is swinging away from Trump in the way the Conservative, Inc. and neocon types pretend it is.

According to the survey, Trump is the favorite of the majority of the GOP, with 53% of Republican voters choosing him as their first choice. That’s a massive win, as it’s 40 points more than the closest runner-up, Ron DeSantis, who came in with 13% support. And DeSantis, who’s much like Trump in terms of major policy goals, was the only other candidate who was able to garner double-digit support. The others, when compared to Trump and DeSantis, couldn’t even do that.

The lead among those others was Milquetoast Mike Pence, who somehow got 9% support and came in #3. Though perhaps that’s more a testament to how little the other Conservative, Inc. types are liked than any real support for him, as the others did absolutely horrible. Nikki Haley was #4 and got only 4% support and Mitt Romeny got a laughably low 3%. So much for him being the principled alternative to the bad orange man.

None of the others, including Pompeo, Rubio, and Cruz, could even rise above the 2% mark.

In addition to being a major win for Trump on its own, this poll is big because it shows the GOP’s preferences are more or less unchanged since November of 2021, when about the same breakdown of support was found.

DeSantis might be a good governor, but he has nowhere near the same level of support, probably both because he’s untested in a role where the Deep State throws everything it has at him and because so many of the neocon types are throwing in behind him. He needs a few more years of being forged in the fire of the culture war before he proves himself the fighter we already know Trump is.

The others are all laughably bad choices, both from a fighting the left standpoint and from a popularity standpoint. Cruz and Rubio might be fine on certain legislative matters, but they’re not culture war warriors. Haley and Pompeo were fine enough, but aren’t presidential material. Pence and Romney represent the RINO party that no longer exists.

The hucksters and pundits are lying; the GOP is still Trump’s party.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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