Brandon Wants to Pay Doctors to Create “Anti-Racism Plans”

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When you visit the doctor, what’s more important- the anti-racist steps his office has taken, or the quality of the care you’ll receive?

Given that matters of health are often matters of life or death, or at least continued wellness, most Americans typically want their doctor to be qualified and focused on medicine, not “anti-racism.”

Sadly, Team Brandon seems intent on pushing doctors toward focusing on anti-racism rather than top-notch medical care.

News on that comes from the Epoch Times, which reports that Brandon’s Administration has used the blob of the federal bureaucracy, not the legislature, to push a plan that would pay doctors to develop “anti-racism plans” for their offices.

This is what Brandon’s absurd plan calls for:

In Appendix 2: Improvement Activities of this final rule, we discussed an improvement activity titled “create and implement an anti-racism plan”. This improvement activity acknowledges it is insufficient to gather and analyze data by race, and document disparities by different population groups. Rather, it emphasizes systemic racism is the root cause for differences in health outcomes between socially defined racial groups. Further, we also proposed to modify five existing improvement activities to address health equity. We note that some improvement activities within our current Inventory already aim to improve equity. We believe further modifying them can more explicitly link the activity to health equity without changing the core activity. In other cases, our proposals to modify an activity fundamentally shifts the activity to focus on health equity specifically.

Oh, and that’s far from all. Additionally, the plan, which can be viewed here, demands that doctors:

“identify ways in which issues and gaps identified in the review can be addressed and should include target goals and milestones for addressing prioritized issues and gaps …. The … eligible clinician or practice can also consider including in their plan ongoing training on anti-racism and/or other processes to support identifying explicit and implicit biases in patient care and addressing historic health inequities experienced by people of color.”

What the application of anti-racism to the doctor’s office means is that Brandon is secretly pushing for a return to discrimination in the hospital; as anyone who has looked at Kendi’s “work” can tell you, anti-racist ideology explicitly calls for discrimination in the present to rectify discrimination in the past.

Here, that would mean that Brandon’s bureaucracy is secretly asking doctors to discriminate against some patients to benefit others.

So, if your doctor has to give you a worse standard of care because of your race or some other identifying characteristic, remember to blame Brandon.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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