EPIC: DeSantis Releases Campaign Gear Mocking “Lockdown Libs” Fleeing to Florida

lockdown libs

While New York sets career criminals free and California plunges (somehow) even deeper into depths of leftist insanity, Florida governor Ron DeSantis is keeping his state strong, prosperous, and one of the top spots for Americans looking for a way to relocate away from the Covid tyrants.

But he can only keep a steady grip on Florida’s rudder if he remains in the governor’s mansion, and to do so he needs to win reelection this year.

One way he’s apparently trying to do so is by releasing hilarious campaign gear, such as his recent release of the “lockdown libs” shirt.

News of that shirt came from the DeSantis campaign, which tweeted out:

To the Left’s biggest hypocrites who lock down their own states, but vacation in the free state of Florida: We don’t blame you… We like freedom, too.

Introducing the Lockdown Libs Tour Tee, available exclusively at thelockdownlibs.com.

The link leads to a webpage for a shirt called “The Lockdown Libs Tour Tee.” The front of the hilarious shirt includes a graphic and says “Escape to Florida” and “The Lockdown Libs Tour.” The back of the shirt includes a list of the lockdown-supporting Democrats that have fled to Florida while their home states suffer under strict Covid lockdowns. They are:

  • Gretchen Whitmer, MI Gov …………… West Palm Beach, FL
  • Jim Kenney, Philadelphia Mayor …………… Ft. Lauderdale
  • Phil Murphy, NJ Gov …………… Orlando, FL
  • Don Lemon, CNN Anchor …………… Palm Beach, FL
  • AOC, U.S. Congress (NY-14) …………… Miami Beach, FL
  • Ned Lamont, CT Gov …………… South Florida
  • NBC’s New Years Special …………… Miami, FL
  • Eric Swalwell, U.S. Congress …………… Miami Beach, FL

Finally, the bottom of the shirt again pokes fun at those leftist hypocrites, saying “WE DON’T BLAME YOU… WE LIKE FREEDOM, TOO.”

The shirt, released shortly after AOC was caught maskless in Florida, both sipping a drink outside and kissing strangers in a drag bar, would be enough of a troll for the average Republican, poking fun at the leftist hypocrites in a funny yet tasteful way.

But DeSantis, taking a page out of the brilliant Trump playbook, didn’t end it there. Instead, he released an awesome campaign video to go along with the shirt, in which he said:

“We’re a free state. If I had a dollar for every lockdown politician who decided to escape to Florida over the last two years, I’d be a pretty doggone wealthy man, let me tell you. If you are trying to lock people down, I am standing in your way and I’m standing for the people of Florida. Welcome to Florida.”

Twitter reactions to the new shirt and campaign video were overwhelmingly positive. One commenter, for example, replied “Glad I live here -in a free state all the time!” Another, summing up how many feel, said “#BESTGOVERNOREVER!!! Welcome to Free Florida! @GovRonDeSantis  – you are doing an AMAZING job! For all you negative idiots- you do know that people are fleeing- permanently- those lovely blue states and coming here. Not the other way around. Ask yourself why? And then stay away.

#BESTGOVERNOREVER indeed. While Establishment Republicans and Democrats incompetently destroy their states with dumb policies, DeSantis is keeping Florida strong and trolling the left without breaking a sweat.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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