Fauci’s Retirement Will Cost Taxpayers $350k Per Year


Tired of America’s best known and highest paid bureaucrat, the entirely estimable Dr. Fauci? Well, if so, you’re along the same track of thought as pretty much every other American with a brain that has more functional cells and wrinkles than Brandon’s.

As a result of public thought trending against Fauci, many online are calling for his forced retirement, especially once Republicans take power in what’s sure to be a massive and glorious red wave in 2022.

Disregarding the idea that RINOs might mess up that golden opportunity to rid the republic of the good doctor and the rage inspired by his interviews with leftist networks, what many forget is that, even after Fauci is tossed from his bureaucratic post by the britches, he’ll still be costing the American taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

That’s right, despite being the highest-paid bureaucrat and having accumulated a multi-million dollar portfolio filled up with Chinese stocks, Fauci still gets a massive payout once he retires.

According to Forbes, that Golden Parachute for “the Science”, one composed of a pension, post-retirement benefits, and an annuity will cost the taxpayer somewhere in the realm of $350k.

According to OpentheBooks, which broke down all the largesse that will be lavished upon him, this is why the long-“serving” bureaucrat will get to pluck so much green out of the threadbare pockets of average Americans:

If he’d left federal service at the end of FY2020, figuring 80% of his highest three-year average, would mean a federal pension of $333,745 a year, plus cost-of-living increases (($1,251,545/3) x 80% = $333,745). However, Fauci’s unpublished current salary is at least what it was in 2020. Therefore, his retirement pay would be closer to $347,500 a year. (($1,302,936/3) x 80%).

Additionally, Dr. Fauci is likely eligible for an annuity, paid out by the federal government. After serving 10 years, federal employees are eligible for “2 percent of [their] high-3 average salary for each year.” Dr. Fauci has surpassed the 10-year-minimum work requirement, and if he retired last year he could have added an extra $8,344 a year (($1,251,545/3) x 2% = $8,344). If he leaves at the end of this month, that figure is likely closer to $8,575 a year in annuity payments, assuming his salary did not go down in 2021.

When all those benefits are added up, the $350k figure is exceeded, meaning that the taxpayer will shower Fauci with almost $1000 dollars a day in benefits for doing nothing.

With the average American taxpayer paying about $15,000 a year in taxes, that means the combined efforts of about 23 Americans will go toward paying for Fauci to live it up in retirement. Not a bad number of serfs for a routinely failing, career bureaucrat!

So, firing Fauci is a noble goal, and getting rid of him will certainly be a good thing for the republic, at least assuming an even worse bureaucrat doesn’t somehow replace him. But, even once he’s booted from his office, he’ll remain a financial millstone around the neck of the American people.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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