Marco Rubio Goes Off on Democrat and Media Protection of Fauci

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Marco Rubio must be trying to carve out a slot for himself in the 2024 race again.

First, there was his marvelous speech on the left’s attempt to push a radical voting bill on Americans. Now, there’s a brilliant attack he just delivered against the left, the media, and their protection of Fauci. While neither will likely be enough to propel him to the White House, both were good statements.

His statement on the left and media’s protection of Fauci was particularly incisive, and that’s despite it coming during an appearance on cable news, a time where it’s often hard for even the brightest to make a good point.

In any case, the comments came when Rubio appeared on a Friday segment of FNC’s “Megyn Kelly Show” and went on the attack, blasting Fauci and those that shield him.

Specifically, he said that Dr. Anthony Fauci only “survives because he’s being protected.

By whom is he protected by and why? In Rubio’s view and words, Fauci is protected by the entirety of the leftist political/media apparatus because he has “established himself, in the eyes of this administration, the Democratic Congress, and much of the mainstream media as someone who cannot be questioned.”

Further, in his view, Team Brandon hasn’t looked into where Covid came from (China) because they’re tied to him and “they’re too far down that road to turn back and abandon him now.” They don’t want Fauci to fail so they won’t look into what sketchy things he was funding in Red China.

Here’s his full monologue:

How he remains in the post is pretty straightforward: And that is, he has established himself, in the eyes of this administration, the Democratic Congress, and much of the mainstream media as someone who cannot be questioned, as a sort of a czar over COVID, and that any sort of scrutiny and any sort of hard questions of him is denial of COVID, denial of this that or the other, anti-science.

So, I think he’s positioned and insulated himself in a way that a lot of these people end up doing. And this is very common of people in this. Look, science is very complicated, and they know that. A

nd so, therefore, they believe that people in their position should not be questioned because they don’t have the time to explain it to people and if it’s an answer they don’t like, they simply tell you, listen, you don’t need to know because you wouldn’t understand. And that’s how they get away with it. And it’s — I don’t — as I said, he survives because he’s being protected.

The administration is deeply tied and now…Fauci’s success, they view it as their success. They’ve now — they’re too far down that road to turn back and abandon him now. It would hurt them. It would raise questions about why they didn’t ask these things themselves sooner.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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