Mike Lindell Canceled by His Bank

American patriot and entrepreneur Mike Lindell was just canceled again, this time by his bank. That bank, Minnesota Bank & Trust, which is controlled by Heartland Financial, decided to cancel Mike and all of his accounts, tossing his businesses and charities out into the cold.

The accounts were suddenly done away with, canceled by some banker that would rather avoid controversy than stand up for what is right.

Those accounts were Lindell Management, Lindell Outreach, Lindell Recovery Network, Lindell-TV, Lindell Foundation, Lindell Publishing, Frankspeech, Michael Lidnell Personal, and MyStore. All accounts necessary either to Mike or his business operations, all done away with at the whim of some Minnesotan banker.

Well, four Minnesotan bankers could be implicated in the decision to cancel Mike. According to a graphic provided by MyPillow and included below, they are Laura J. Hughes, Lynn B. Fuller, Bruce K. Lee, and Stephen Bishop.

mike speech

Fortunately, Mike was able to appear on Steve Bannon’s War Room and explain what happened. Here’s what he said:

During the show, a clip was played of one of Heartland Financial’s top executives speaking with Lindell’s controller, saying that he doesn’t want to be associated with Lindell, “someone who could be in the news.

Then, ominously, that banking executive says “Not that the FBI is even sniffing and looking, but what if somebody came and said, ‘Do you know what? We are going to subpoena all of his account records, and this and that. And then all of a sudden we make the news.”

So it’s more of a reputation risk,” he later adds.

That horrid conversation can be listened to here, for those that don’t want to listen to the full War Room segment:

To be clear, that means that a) a hard-working entrepreneur was denied access to financial services because of his political views and b) that an American bank is so fearful of the FBI that it’s willing to toss a major customer, one it knows can call upon his allies in the media and influencer space for help and visibility, out into the cold. Both of those facts point to a dark future.

In any case, Lindell says that immediately after his controller told him that the bank was trying to cancel him, he tried to call the bank’s CEO, Stephen Bishop. However, despite being a major customer, the bank put him on hold for an hour. He then tried calling back but was put on hold yet again, this time for another 45 minutes.

Despite that, Lindell remained defiant, saying that while the bank wants the Frank Speech account gone within a week and the rest in thirty days, he said “I am not … leaving, so you’re going to have to throw me out of your bank.

Lindell likely has good reasons to be optimistic. While finding another bank, one willing to do business with him, will be a pain and likely cause a significant headache for his thriving business, he’s survived cancellation before.

For example, though he and his products were canceled by major retailers like Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Costco (along with numerous others), his business is thriving while Bed, Bath and Beyond has had to close 37 stores since it canceled MyPillow.

Mike will certainly survive. It’s Heartland Financial that needs to watch out.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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