MSNBC Host Slams Brandon, Clashes with Psaki: “Why Wait Almost a Year to Change His View?”

Normally, the talking heads on the leftist, mainstream media channels are nothing more than simpering lackeys for the Democrats. They cover for them, cower when criticized by them, and bark ferociously (but ineffectively) at anyone on the right that gets in the way of their leftist masters.

But a few of those Democrat agents are starting to wake up and criticize Brandon, who is now so unpopular that he’s hemorrhaging voters from even strongly Democratic voting blocs. Like vultures or jackals, they’re seeing Biden start to weaken and are circling, occasionally taking snips at him as he falters in a vain attempt to restore their credibility.

Despite it being so transparently self-interested and utterly ineffective, it is fun to watch. The left has a way of turning on its own in a scorched earth sort of way that the right never really does, so it’s fun to watch the revolution eat its own.

Most recently, that leftist infighting came on an MSNBC segment, where “The 11th Hour” host Mehdi Hasan clashed with Jen Psaki on the topic of Brandon’s support (or lack thereof) of the filibuster.

It began when Hassan cited AOC, who said that Biden was “dragging his feet” on the filibuster reform (read: nuking the filibuster) issue, and asked “Jen, why wait almost a year to change his view and come out so publicly against the filibuster? To give the rousing speech in Atlanta, that he finally gave this month? We lost all of 2021 while he waited for bipartisanship.

It’s not exactly a conciliatory stance, as Hassan laments that time was wasted while Biden tried “bipartisanship,” but at least he’s being honest. Psaki never really manages to be.

Showing that dishonesty, she responded in her typically evasive manner, saying “First, Mehdi, that wasn’t the first speech on voting rights he gave, hardly. He gave a number of speeches last year–” before being interrupted by Hasan.

He jumped in, interrupting Psaki, and said “First time that he came out publicly against the filibuster. First time he came out so explicitly on the filibuster on voting rights,” clarifying that the speech he had referred to was the first time that Brandon publicly came out against the filibuster.

Paski, obviously furious that she couldn’t get away with lying, said “I am getting there! I agree with you, Mehdi. I agree with you. I’m getting there.” She wasn’t getting there; she had obviously intended to do just the opposite before being interrupted.

After her annoyed response, Psaki did her typical non-answer routine, claiming that nothing Brandon could have said would have convinced Sinema and Manchin but not describing why, if that was the case, Team Brandon went full steam ahead on trying to nuke the filibuster anyway. It wasn’t an overly convincing response, even for a leftist audience.

Hasan, frustrated with Psaki’s nonanswer and Biden’s ineffectiveness, said “I’m not saying it would have changed their minds earlier, but you’re telling me if he hadn’t come out earlier, if the President of the United States with the bully pulpit, the leader of the Democratic Party, had he not come out three, six, nine months earlier and said, ‘We need to get this filibuster out of the way for voting rights,’ that wouldn’t have helped?

Psaki again responded with a nonanswer, as is typical for her.

It wasn’t a great interview, which makes it fun enough to read about. But, more than that, it’s important because it shows that even leftist media is starting to turn on Brandon.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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