MSNBC’s Joy Reid Ridiculously Claims that Republicans are Using “Hitler Tactics”

What is the term for using legitimate forms of the American republican system to exercise power, or at least prevent the other side from doing so? That’s using the courts, the filibuster, the rules of the House and Senate, and action in the states to achieve political ends?

To a normal, reasonable person, that’s just called “republican government.” Frustrating at times, it’s meant to be slow and use of the systems within it is fair game; it’s what’s been done since the Constitution was ratified.

To MSNBC’s Joy Reid, however, someone who is certainly neither reasonable nor normal, it’s “Hitler tactics.” Yes, that’s right; she thinks that Republicans are, as leftists say, “literally Hitler,” because they’re…making full use of those political tactics allowed by our republican form of government to fight back against Critical Race Theory, an evil, pernicious ideology.

Speaking on that, Reid had this to say:

“Book burning and banning happened to be staples of fascism and communism. The Nazis did it, Hitler, imposing rigid censorship on newspapers and burning all literature he considered dangerous. The Soviets banned books, too, along with the Chinese Communist Party.

So hey Republicans wokeness is communism, but book banning isn’t? Make it make sense. It is literally another case of everything old is new again because this exact tactic has hijacked present-day American politics. Just like back in the eighties, the great parent revolt is bankrolled by conservative organizations and think tanks and shaped by political operatives, who are controlling the puppet strings so that you think this is just about regular moms and dads advocating for their kids.

But strip off that veneer, and it’s about so much more. It’s about getting out the Republican vote by riling up white voters. But it’s also about distracting the voters because distraction and sleight of hand is basically what modern Republican politics is all about. I mean, it sure ain’t about governing. It’s about selling white grievance and rage. The same rage that produces attacks on Asian-Americans and Jewish people and on our Capitol. Rather than fight inflation, let’s howl over Critical Race Theory, and instead, COVID relief lets demonize China and masks and vaccines.”

It’s not exactly clear what she’s talking about.

For one, there have always been limits on the 1st Amendment, and kindergarten classrooms are no more a free marketplace for sharing ideas than boot camp.

Those are places to learn about the greatness of our system and what one’s responsibilities are, not to debate the nature of America. To ban pornographic books from elementary school libraries or CRT-lesson plans from middle-school classrooms isn’t fascist, it’s just protecting the labile minds of the youth from a detestable mind virus.

And that claim, the “book banning” one, is Reid’s only potentially colorable claim. The others are absurd. What Republicans are burning books, Joy? Are the Republicans, defenders of free-market capitalism, really that similar to the CCP or Soviets, especially when compared to the Bernie Bros on the left? Hardly.

On the topic of dark money, something she says has hijacked American politics and is the impetus behind kids not wanting to learn CRT, who is it that has turned DA and prosecutor offices into shops that slap gangsters and career criminals on the wrist before turning them back out to the streets? That’d be George Soros, not a Republican. Who is it that’s funding drag queen story hour, BLM, and defund the police? Again, leftists, not Republicans.

If funding political causes is “Hitler tactics,” then the left is far more culpable than the right on that issue.

Her other claims are similarly absurd. The right isn’t using “Hitler tactics,” it’s using the legislature to pass laws. The side with the street-fighters, the side attempting to weaken limitations on state power like the filibuster, the side treating domestic opponents as terrorists and enemies, that’s Joy Reid’s side.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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